How MUCH can you niche your agency?

So one of the questions I know that some of you have asked me directly is how niche can you go? One of the things that I’ve been playing with is looking into the recruitment space.

So being the SEO and b2b lead generation for the recruitment industry and then even further niching still when looking at specifically a recruitment vertical, whether it be select finance, recruitment or IT consultant, IT recruitment etc.??

This really is an open question, once you come from a position of track cash flow? Once you come from a position having gained some industry experience? Then I’d say you can jump into the niche area.

It really depends upon the position that you’re coming from. so you can go as niches as you absolutely want to and then become the go-to person provided that you can reach out to that person or that company that you try to do business with.?

For example; people aren’t specifically searching for finance recruitment SEO agencies, so you need to do some outreach to start being involved in that community, and then you can niche. See you guys!?