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Miro Review

Hello everyone, this is les with pro lemon and today I’ll be doing a review on this tool called Miro. If you’re looking for your own SEO tool, you can visit To see if it is a tool for you. Let’s go ahead and jump right in. So here we are at De Niro website in mural is just basically a platform known as a virtual whiteboard that you can use and bring your teams together with the different templates that discuss anything from idea planning to just notes about a meeting. So let’s go ahead and take a look at the pricing before we jump right into our tool. So like I said, the main objective of this tool is that it is a virtual whiteboard to use. So the plans are based off of that specifically, but they also have some little features that kind of make this tool run a lot more smoother. So just take a look, I definitely would recommend getting one of the paid plans. If you don’t want more of the features, because you can get access to projects, you could have a cotton button framework, you can integrate with Asana, and just different things like that. But if you don’t think that you would use or need any of the features that you see, then there is a free plan that you can use with unlimited members. So here we are at Miro. And basically the way it works is that there’s different templates or boards that you can have in the board is just the whiteboard setup. So you kind of get an idea of what that means. So here’s some templates up here. Let me go to all of the templates. So there’s a team alignment map, there is a meeting reflection and meeting templates, brain writing, a con one framework dot voting, and just overall some different templates that you can use for kind of every scenario. And every occasion. I think it just does a great job of kind of breaking down, you know, everything that’s going on and running through your head, and kind of puts it all on one place to kind of help, you know, connect ideas and just bring everything together. Because sometimes when we have ideas or tests in our head, it’s just a lot to handle. So something visually can help. So there’s just a bunch right here. And I’m gonna go to pick a random one so that you can see how it works. I was quite impressed by the customization. So let’s go ahead and we’ll do a team meeting agenda. Alrighty, here we go. So like I said, you can do quite a bit of customization and a bit more than I expected, I thought it was going to be very fixed in very limited. So just for some basic actions, you can zoom in and zoom out, it does a guide for you depending if you have a I guess you could say the computer tab or the mouse. So it does give you a guide for all of that information. But here is our example let me zoom in a bit. And the way they kind of do these sections to the right is the kind of like this sticky note. Kind of the sticky note I guess template or picture. So were the sticky notes are that’s where you can write the move this up. You can change the font if you want to, you can change the alignment, you could add links different things like that there’s this sticker size, you can change the fill color if you want to. So there’s quite a bit whenever it comes to that. So let’s just say this topic, I want a bigger, smaller, they have a different font right here. I don’t really mind that there’s only two font styles if you would want to see more that that can be added in the future. But I like the simplicity of it because if everyone’s using a different font style, it can look a little bit messy. So you’re probably wondering if you can kind of expand beyond this template. So say if you have a big team and obviously you would probably have a little bit more than this section.

All you have to do is just simply click on the template itself and then click on that specific section. And then once you click on the specific sections, such as the specific block that you would edit, it really depends on the template. Sometimes Let me scoot this up, sometimes this bar will let you add a nother box or make the box longer by either adding or removing. But in this case, this one is resizing. And you just make it longer that way. So I really liked that you can kind of customize the template and make it bigger and change it up a little bit. It’s not fixed to this one area. And you can kind of change it as much as you want to. And I’ll go to a different example a little bit right after we walk through this one, to talk about resizing that specific template, because it was different. So I did want to budget it. We’re moving on to all these features right here, let’s just walk through each of them. So here you just see more templates, the text, the sticky notes that you’re seeing on my screen, you can add shapes, arrows, you have a pin feature, you have some comments that you can use the frame. And you can upload anything, which is very helpful. You have more frames, a presentation mode, comments, a chat cards, screen sharing, voting, and a video chat feature. So I’m really impressed that they add these little features to make this tool a lot more powerful. If these bottom features weren’t here, then this tool might not be as impressive. But it’s really nice that you can video chat and through screen through here, you can have comments here and just really make it inclusive and not simply that so separate. I’m not something that’s so separate that you’re having to bring into your work life. So let me go to the other template to show you what I was referring to. So here we go. And this was the template that I was using earlier for a team meeting. So as I mentioned, you can expand the certain blocks or sections, however you would prefer it. So the other one, you can resize it, but in this case, you could add a row or add a column. So let’s say we want to add a row, you could add a row right here and just kind of make it the same, you could expand this one a little further. So there’s quite a bit that you can do, there’s quite a bit you can do. And it really just depends on the template itself. For other features, you can basically add people or invite people to your board and they’re able to view it. So everyone gets access to it, you don’t have to worry about creating individual ones, you can if you want to depending on the template, but you can invite people so they can see what you’re looking at. Over all that is pretty much it. Let’s go to our pros and cons. Or my pros, I really like that those little features really make a difference such as the video chat, the screen sharing and the comments, I just think it’s really helpful. And it really makes it a lot easier to integrate it into your routine. Rather than having to go to specifically to this app and then text about it or message about an email about it, different things like that. And you do get quite a bit of features with the paid plan. So I definitely would recommend it obviously, if you’re not going to use it and that is okay. The free plan does offer quite a bit as well because you do get to have unlimited members. And I really liked that it’s flexible with the customization of the templates, I was really surprised and I thought it was going to be a little bit more fixed. As for the cons, I feel like this would be a great tool to kind of, you know, make with you know, gold tracking, or something of that sort China kind of comparing, kind of making this tool. And addition with a productivity tool or a team growth tool. That’s not necessarily a con it’s more of just like a preference, seeing how this tool can be improved. But overall, in terms of the tool itself, I don’t have any complaints about it. Already. That concludes today’s video. Thank you so much for watching. If you have any pros or cons Feel free to add them down below or comment section. If you have any alternatives that are tools related to brainstorming, visual planning, different things like that, feel free to add those as well, because this is just always a great way to learn different ways a team could run overall that’s pretty much it. Thank you for watching.

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