Measuring The Success Of Your SEO Campaigns

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    Once you decide to create any form of campaigns, measuring your results is crucial. You need to be able to take note of and understand what is feasible/practical from what’s not working.

    We want to talk to you about measuring SEO analytics and some of the methods that we think are important when you work with us or any agency/individual that you go out into the market with.

    How you measure your work is super important!

    Make Google Analytics your Baby ?

    Google Analytics should become your baby and if it isn’t your baby then you seriously need to think about your life’s choices.

    There are dashboards that you can export that top-level information or look at depending upon if you’re a busy marketing manager.

    Integration of SEO Concepts ?

    There’s actually top-level or granular updates you can request from your SEO team in terms of things that matter.

    With regards to new users:  

    • Where are those new users coming from?  ?️
    • What is that doing in terms of conversions on the other side of it? ?️
    • Do you have tracking in place? ⏲️

    For example, on an e-commerce site ?, you can track the number of people who click Add to Cart, Proceed to Checkout, Contact us, etc. and all of these areas become important for
    determining the ROI of the actual unit SEO work.

    Looking at these elements becomes really important. Just think about determining what’s going on beneath all of those things and tracking it back to the work that you’re getting done from SEO to the results!

    That becomes incredibly important and for us, it’s really all about empowerment, that
    you have access to all of this data.

    Making Lemonade from SEO ?

    If you do work with Pearl Lemon, then we’d love to show you the things that you should be looking at and what you should be looking for in the backend of your Google Analytics, in Google search Console and so forth.

    Depending on how involved you wanna get or how much you want to place a trust
    In the team that you work with and how regularly you may want their communication to be involved in SEO analytics and analyzing the success of SEO is critically important and

    The tools are all there for you and any good agency should really be showing you how to use those tools accurately; how to actually work with them on a week to week basis and that’s something that we’re really big on.

    We’re really just ensuring that you’re getting the most out of the actual SEO work then you can see the clear track that should trend up and that should lead to more activity, more growth and more returns.

    Whether that means installing a plugin for your WordPress dashboard, sending a quick five line update, a comprehensive PDF end of month or end of corner report; whatever that world looks like starting with Google Analytics, working back from there to see the work that’s been done and how that is helping your SEO actually grow rather than the new traffic coming to your site grow is a really crucial fundamental part of your SEO.

    And as you may already know, we’d love to have you come and work with

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