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Mailjet Review: Features, Pricing and More

Hello everyone, this is Celeste with Pearl Lemon. Today I’ll be doing a review on this tool called Mailjet. If you’re looking for your own SEO tool, feel free to visit ours at to see if there’s a tool for you. Let’s go ahead and jump right in.

So here we are at mailjet. And mailjet is an email automation tool that is perfect for text emails and visual email marketing like you see right here. So let’s go ahead and jump right in.

So here we are. And basically, they live by the price method of pay as you grow, which essentially is, as you get more subscribers, you can pay for more emails to send out per month. So here we have a free essential premium and custom plan. So they basically tell you all the features with it and the emails per month. And you can go based off of the skill right here. So this is strictly based off of 15,000, you can go higher, and see what it’s like to do 50,000, etc, and so forth.

So I did see a con mentioning about the free plan about a limited amount of emails per day. So do check out that because if you’re with the free plan, you get a certain amount of emails per month, which seems great, but you have a limited amount of emails per day. With the other paid plans, you don’t have a daily spending limit. So that’s something to keep in mind, as well. So let’s jump into her dashboard. So here we are at the dashboard. And we have campaign templates, automation, contacts, stats, and SMS, obviously, we’re going to run through the campaigns. So let’s go ahead and see what that looks like. So here is how to run through the campaign setup, you can edit the campaign name, the subjects the form the contact in the contact list.

So when you’re entering the subject, you can essentially just write the subject. And to make it more personalized, you can insert a variable. If you’ve had an email automation tool, you’ve probably seen this before. So inserting variable can be the country the name, the email, different things like that, the company excetera, and so forth. So basically, wherever you’re sending this email to, it will put the name of whatever variable that you entered based on that personal email. So that is very interesting to see and helps with personalized information.

Next, we can begin designing our email. So a con that I would have to say with this tool is that they don’t have any templates in terms of, you know, either text or their visuals such as like those ad that you might see from different companies, there’s no visual, or any type of templates, you have to create the template yourself and then you see a real leader. So that’s nice, but for those who may not be creative and are looking for a little bit of extra help, that is a bit unfortunate, such as select a random setup, they do give you setups in terms of the structure, but in referring to the content, like the words or you know, just a visual template, they don’t necessarily have that this is mainly the structure itself.

So here we add the drag and drop sections. You can add a column certain columns, you can add text buttons, images, dividers, spacers, etc, and so forth, you can go to the settings section to do a little bit of more editing, I guess you can say. And here is where you edit.

So this isn’t a template for you know, sending an email for something’s left in your cart or different things like that. So this is just more of a structural template. So you can add a picture right here you can change the titles etc, and so forth. It’s really easy in terms of the editing feature, it’s just gonna take a lot longer without any templates. Again, you can save this as a template if you want to. Once you create one you can save it for later. So you always have it on hand, but they don’t have any templates themselves. You can always preview and tested and you can put this as a version a or create a new version if you want to. Then you’re ready to review in send or save the campaign.

After you’re done with the campaign details, don’t forget to put who it is from and the contact list and then you’re ready to schedule or send your campaign.

As for the template section, as I said, they don’t have any templates, these are templates that you create from making a campaign and you saved it. So that’s kind of upsetting to see that, I thought they were going to come with templates. Next, you have automations. So automations, or workflows are basically a email sequence that you can create.

So here is the automation, automated workflows, where you can send emails triggered by certain events or different actions, based off of the behavior, you can welcome subscribers, send them different emails based off of what they’re doing. And that’s pretty much it. Creating a workflow is very simple, very easy, you just select the scenario, and to the basic information, and see the workflow and activate it. So it’s very easy. We have some scenarios right here, the welcome contact, property, update date, etc, and so forth.

I wish they could allow you to create your one from scratch. So that is a con right here as well. From there, you just have your contacts, it’s pretty straightforward. You can create contact lists, you can import or export any contacts that you have at any time. And next we have our stats section.

Our stats is going to show us a quite few things from delivered open, clicked unsubscribed, blocked, spammed hard bounce, soft bounce, and retrying. You can also view some individual reports over a selected period if you want to add a few extra analytics down at the bottom.

Lastly, we have SMS.

So here are the SMS text messages. So this is very helpful for those who want to send a order confirmation, shipping information, different things like that I’m sure you all might have experienced buying something or subscribing to a company and getting text messages if you chose that option. So this is a way that you can do that as well. So that’s very helpful, I really get to see this on other tools. Moving on to our pros and cons pros is that this is perfect for visual campaigns. I feel like it makes it a lot easier. But you don’t have any templates. So you do have to get quite creative. I like that it’s good for any type of campaign, you can strictly keep it, you know by text or you can add pictures. You can also view the stats and create your own contact lists and view at any time.

As for the cons, My main con is that I wish that there were some premade templates that would be a lot more helpful, especially for those like me who aren’t as creative, so that she’s very helpful to see even if it was just, you know, the picture templates. The text templates can be helpful as well, but I know that everyone has their form or way of sending a email.

So that’s optional as well. I couldn’t quite think of any other cons it does come down if this is a tool for you if this is the preference and the way you like it set up in terms of the statistics, and how well it works. Overall, I did see their reviews, a little lower than I usually see I’ve seen a 3.9 for this tool. And as I was looking at the individual written reviews, the cons weren’t as intense, I guess you can say there’s some people complaining about the tool not working. So I definitely would check out any of those reviews as well. But overall that’s pretty much it. Thank you so much for watching today’s video. If you have any other pros or cons or any alternatives towards this tool, feel free to add those down below. If you would like to request that we review tool feel free to reach out to us in the comments below or on our channel and let us know. Overall that’s pretty much it and thank you for watching.

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