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Jooicer Review – The Best Twitter Automation Tool

What is an Automation Tool?

An automation tool is a tool that allows you to perform actions on your social media pages that replicate and simulate human behavior without a human being present.

For example, automation tools allow you to do a lot of human-like behaviors such as:

  • schedule your posts in advance
  • update your status
  • share photos
  • and more

Using an automated tool means that you can update your social media and send out emails from anywhere in the world at any time. This leaves you with free time to put into other work or relax.

Let me just show you how this Twitter automation tool works.

What is Jooicer?

There are many Twitter automation tools out there, but Jooicer is definitely a contender for being one of the best. This Twitter automation tool gives you growth hacking tools right at your fingertips. When using Jooicer, you can:

  • schedule tweets
  • select the accounts you want to earn followers from
  • enter keywords you want followers from
  • and much more.

With Jooicer you can create and implement a strategy to grow your account. It finds followers and schedules your posts for you, all while you look at the analytics and see what is and isn’t working for you.

Jooicer can be customized to fit your growth needs and is entirely up to you on how many followers you want to gain.

Using Jooicer as Your Automation Tool

Unlike other tools, Jooicer gives you the tools to get what you want without having to do too much on your end.

Using Jooicer allows you to:

  • Read a clear and concise dashboard of analytics.
  • Allows you to scheduled Tweets on your time.
  • Gives you basic and premium module settings so you can get maximize your account.
  • Upgrade Plans that work with your needs.

Starting out with Jooicer, as a basic member, you’ll get a free 5-day trial to see if this tool is for you. Make use of the free trial, and you can see the amazing growth this tool does!

The monthly starter plan starts at $9 a month, which will start you off with 1 account, with up to 150 daily followers and favorites, and premium modules. If you choose to use the monthly intelligence plan for $39 a month, you’ll have a custom number of daily followers and favorites, unlimited direct messages, and your accounts will be auto-managed by machine.

The. Very. FIRST. Day. You WILL see results. On average, users on Jooicer see between 600 to 2000 followers in one month. This depends on how you select your modules and settings, but that’s what you can expect.

Using Jooicer to Grow Your Twitter

This tool is so easy to use. From your dashboard, select Module Settings and your settings will pop up. After that, simply manage your Follow Followers module to set up who you want to follow based on the account on Twitter you add in and filter by language.

For premium users, you have advanced features at your disposal.

  • Manage the Follow Users by Keyword in Bio
  • Follow Users by Keyword in Tweet modules

Using these three modules will start to boost your growth.

At the end of the day, you’ll see growth in your account. You’ll have more followers, you’ll be following more people, and you’ll see that all on your dashboard.

love using a tool that fits my needs!

Take time to play with this stuff and see what each module is really about, so you can get in there and customize it to fit your needs for Twitter growth.

Customize it to Fit Your Needs

Jooicer is an awesome tool that is designed for you to grow your Twitter account easily. You tell it what you wantselect the modules, and it’s good to go.

This tool is made to help you; however, you want it to. You have to fill out parts, like followers and hashtags, but you don’t have to go and follow people yourself. Jooicer makes you so much more productive with its features and growth hacking tools!

I do highly suggest that you turn on cleanup, that will help you to clean out people who won’t follow you, don’t follow you, and cleans out favorites.

You can see that if you are a basic user, you get the two basic modules. Nothing fancy, but good stuff to work with.

Free cleanup! Free. Cleaning. Nothing more to say.

The premium users gain access to:

  • free cleanup tools
  • following through hashtags and keywords
  • retweet options
  • the use of a whitelist and blacklist

In every way possible, Jooicer makes it customizable to you and your needs. Whoever you follow, whatever your interests, and however you want to grow your account.

Manage Multiple Accounts

I love this!

The ability to manage multiple accounts is an excellent feature for an agency or company that offers it to its employees or clients.

As a marketer, we know how important it is to make sure you get your brand out there. Growth hacking is one way of doing it. It’s a process that originally started as: You follow someone, and they follow you back (in theory).

Using Jooicer makes it so much easier. Jooicer will follow people from the accounts you list. After 5 days have passed, those that haven’t followed you get cleaned out (if that module was selected). Simple and easy – just how I like it.

This tool allows me to free up some of my time to work on other projects, such as:

  • creating content for my website.
  • figuring out articles and content for my employees and coworkers.
  • coming up with ideas for eBooks.
  • helping my employees

Being a productive growth hacker and business owner, you must know how to multitask and stay on top of your tasks.

Schedule Tweets

Being able to schedule tweets and queue a whole week’s work is amazing. I find that being a week ahead lightens my load and it’s a way for me to check-in. Jooicer allows you to curate your content so you can focus on other projects.

The scheduling lets you set up the time and day and choose queues. You can make any queue list you want that fits your tweets and schedule your tweets to fit.

If a week ahead isn’t enough scheduling for you, why not try Bulk Upload? Sometimes a week just isn’t enough!

That’s right. Bulk. It tells you how to do it and lets you choose the queue. If you have a lot of tweets that need to go out, this may be your best option.

Inexpensive Tool to Use

If you look at what you get from this tool, how you can use Jooicer, and after your 5-day free trial, see where your growth is at on Twitter – you’ll know what the best membership is for you.

Starting at $9 a month, you can make use of all the features Jooicer offers. 150 daily tasks are more than enough to notice your growth increased substantially.

Maybe you want to try Jooicer for a year and see’s what comes of it. Brilliant idea. In fact, you can choose the yearly account that suits what you want, so you can choose between 150 daily tasks up to 700 with unlimited modules and between 2 to 5 queues.

The point is, there’s a plan that’s right for you. You can even ask for a custom plan. Who else does that? No one. Just try out Jooicer and see which plan is the best for your Twitter.

The Growth You’ll See is Impressive

You’ll see growth happening in just 1 day. By the first night, you’ll notice that you have an increase in followers and the people you’re following. This automation tool for Twitter really does work!

You can see that in just under 1 month, this is what I can show for 1 account. This growth is outstanding! Even though it unfollowed 582 users, I still have a net growth of 200+ followers. Now, this is with my settings, my hashtags, and the accounts I follow.

Imagine you start your Jooicer account, setup the modules with:

  • accounts you want followers from
  • fill-in your keywords
  • choose daily tasks
  • turn on cleanup tools

You could easily outdo me. With a positive net growth after a huge cleanout of followers, you can do this!

Jooicer is a tool you need. Not want. Need.

Easy to Read and Understand Analytics

There’s nothing I like more than reading in-depth, hard-to-understand analytical data. Nothing more. But that’s not for everyone, and Jooicer totally gets that. These analytics are so easy to read.

Showing your follower overview, it shows in big green numbers the daily tasks completed, your follow-back ratio, and a graph to show your activity to your followers. It even includes the accounts you are following and the accounts you’re adding. Simple.

Your favorite overview will be different from mine as well because you might be following different things. Easy to see your keywords, follow back rationsprogression, and the actions available. Maybe graphs aren’t for you; you just don’t get them, well Jooicer breaks it down for you right below the favorite overview.

Free Help and Advice from Growth Hackers

Sometimes we need help with our accounts, strategies, or we want to discuss the features with someone. This kind of help is available 24/7:

Jooicer offers advice and answers on multiple topics. Can’t find yours here, or want to get personal help from someone? Sure. They can do that. See:

That’s right. Just email them or chat with them, and someone will help you. They are real people with real help and advice.

Have marketing questions? Growth hacking problems? Trouble deciding on who you should follow and the keywords to match?

It’s no problem. They’ll help you, day or night. Reach out to them.

Referral Benefits

Jooicer knows you like benefits so they’ll give you the option to get something by referring your friends to Jooicer. When someone signs up with your code, and if you’re a free member, it’s you receive an extended 5-days.

That extra 5-days could really improve your thoughts on Jooicer, so why not invite someone and add time to your account for doing it? This is a great way to extend your free trial to test out Jooicer even more for your growth hacking.

Five days was all I needed to see the growth I was getting was real and impressive. It took me less than five days, and I signed up for a premium account.

Manages Clean-Up and Unfollows People

This is the part of Jooicer I actually like the most.

It cleans up your account for you. I find that I won’t clean out old accounts that won’t follow me, and I’m following people who have no interest in me.

Jooicer cleans out your followers by unfollowing those who haven’t followed you in 5-days. It can even clean out old favorites.

Using Jooicer Safely

You might think that you can get banned for using automation tools, but that would be incorrect. You don’t get banned for using them; you get banned for abusing the tools and taking advantage of the system.

Keeping on top of your daily task limits is crucial. If you go over that amount, you could find yourself in trouble for abusing the tool.

Use Jooicer safely and correctly, and you will have no problems. Don’t be aggressive with automation tools, and you’ll do fine.

Here are some marketers who use Twitter automation systems for their accounts:

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Using Jooicer as a Marketer

As a marketer, you need to use all the tools out there to your advantage. Jooicer is no exception, and it’s a tool that works very well when used correctly. I’ve shown you how Jooicer works with real demonstrations using my account.

I do wish Jooicer would allow you to schedule tweets further in advance.

I think Jooicer is phenomenal!

highly recommend you try Jooicer, use the 5-days wisely (unless you bribe a friend and get more time), and see the growth you can obtain via Jooicer.