Instazood For Instagram

Instazood Review – Growing Your Instagram with Instazood

What is Instazood?

Instazood is a growth hacking service for Instagram. It will automate likesfollowersdirect messages, and track your comments.

Instazood is a fantastic way to increase your growth if you are a brand or business owneror just a regular Instagram user.

With customizable optionspricing and services that fit your needs – Instazood stands at the top as one of the best services for Instagram growth.

What Businesses Should Use It?

Any business can benefit from growth on their social media – however if you are just starting your business on Instagram and need subscribers and to get your name out there quickly – this might be an option to consider.

As a business owner or entrepreneurincreasing your following and name on Instagram can be a challenging task starting out; however, with Instazood, this task becomes a little easier for you.

Their price point is very flexible and can be changed by daysmonths, or years of services that you can choose from. If you have multiple accounts that you need specific tools for – you can change them individually.

How to Use Instazood

Using Instazood is simple and easy to do. You can sign-up for the service, link your account and get started in under 30 minutes.

I’ll show you how to:

  • setup your targets
  • schedule your posts
  • automate your direct messages
  • View your analytics

Then you can get started and see your growth begin from just using the free 3-day trial you get.

It’s important that you follow the rules of Instagram and Instazood, and you understand how to use the tools correctly. Many people have gotten banned due to their abuse of the system and social media.

Add Targets

Adding targets to your Instazood account will help you to direct your Instagram bot to the correct postshashtags, and people.

On your dashboard, you will have a variety of choices but select the Add Target button to activate the popup to input the information to start growing your account.

The first section is for the followers you want to capture followers from. You only need to enter their account name and select Add Target. You will need to select Add Target, type in their account name, and select Add Target again to continue adding more.

The second section allows you to select a location where you can gather followers from. You can enter a location and select search to see the places around your area. Select add target after you select a location.

The third section allows you to find followers through hashtags of two sorts: hashtags by the owner on the post, or hashtags by the commenters of the post.

Lastly, you can choose to upload a file with your customized targets and name the promotion. This requires knowledge in building a target list and customizing this option.

Once you have selected all your usershashtags, and locations, they will now show up on your dashboard. From here you can see your basic statspause or start all your targets, or manually turn on and off the parts you want.

Schedule Posts

Posting photos or pictures daily (or multiple times a day) can take up a lot of time – followed by the constant replying to comments, liking photos, and keeping up with your friends or clients.

With Instazood, you can schedule your posts by clicking on the Posts tab, then the Scheduled Posts section. You can then select New Post and upload one from your pc.

Once the picture is uploaded, you can crop the photoadd a caption, select the publishing date, and then publish the photo to your schedule feed.

Having the scheduling option available can allow you to schedule your posts far in advance so you can focus on taking care of your clients and your business.

Automate Direct Messaging

We don’t always have the time to message every follower and thank them for subscribing to our feed and check us out on other platforms. You can use the automated direct messaging option to do this process for you.

Select the Direct tab on your dashboard. You will be able to select the New Message button.

This will activate the New Message popup where you can Create New Message. Type in the text and add an image if you’d like. There is a template provided to show you how to personalize the message you are sending.

You can then choose to who you want this sent to and choose a custom filter. Once you are happy with your message, click to activate it. It will now send this message to your destination.

Utilizing Instazood for Your Instagram Page

Using Instazood to grow your Instagram account can benefit you personally and as a business. With scheduled posts, you can choose the content, and when it updates so, your viewers can always see that you are active.

The added benefit of choosing your targets gives you the freedom to pick between usershashtags, and locations – it even allows you to upload your own list.

The pricing is very reasonable – allowing you to customize a package for yourself and for a specific length of time. This is great if you want to test it for more than 3 days, but don’t want to make a month-long commitment to the service.

Lastly, I find the analytics are very easy to read and understand. You can choose what you want to see and the specifics of them, and then see your growth in numbers right below.

Using a growth hacking tool hasn’t been easier for me – and I have used a few. I find that, for Instagram, Instazood is simple to understandeasy for any skill level to use, and makes a difference immediately.