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Honest Review – Perspective

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    Honest Review – Perspective


    Ever been stuck on a bus or train, knowing that you are going to be late for work and dreading what the boss is going to say because there’s no way you are going to get that presentation done in time? What if there was an app that could help you do that, allowing you to get on with some work while you wait (and wait) to get moving again. Perspective claims to be that app.

    Perspective, an iPad (or iPhone) app created by a company called Pixxa, is one of a number of presentation apps that have been created and offered in the iTunes store with varying degrees of success.

    The creators claim that this app is an ‘all in one’ solution for presentation creation on the go that is agile enough to be used efficiently anywhere but still boasting enough features to create more than a bare-bones presentation. But does it live up to these lofty claims?



    Perspective is an app that is offered free in the iTunes store and is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices that can run iOS 9.0 or higher. The app is only available for the Apple family of devices, and there are no plans to expand it into the Android universe.

    ‘Out of the box,’ the app can be used to view a library of other presentations created in Perspective or to create a new one. A finished presentation is stored within this library for others to view, so if you create something really good, you might end up helping some other poor souls afraid of their boss as well.

    A link is also generated that can be shared across social networking platforms, and an embed code allows you to place the presentation on your website. There is, however, no option for saving and downloading the presentation directly to a device at this point.


    The interface used to create a presentation in Perspective is an intuitive and fairly easy to navigate one. As in you don’t have to be a rocket scientist or even a graphics wiz to create something decent looking.

    All the functions are simple drag and drops, and the toolbars appear and disappear from the screen as needed, leaving a nice uncluttered canvas to work with. Each ‘slide’ – referred to as a ‘scene’ for this app – can include text, images and audio files taken from other apps on your device or your camera roll and an array of basic charts.

    There are no templates immediately available, so everything must be created from scratch, with the user taking control of the design of the entire presentation, something that those used to creating in PowerPoint may be a little disconcerted by.

    You can, however, thanks to the ‘magic’ of in-app purchasing buy some templates, but do so with care as they can be a bit pricey.


    Technically, Perspective is free. If you are only going to use it occasionally, the free version is actually perfectly serviceable. There are, as just mentioned, plenty of in-app purchases, but at a minimum of 0.99 for a single template make sure its a bloody good one before you hit buy.

    In Conclusion


    The idea of being able to make productive use of downtime using an app like Perspective is certainly an appealing one. However, if you are an iPhone user be prepared to be disappointed. Making use of this app on the smaller screen of the iPhone is bloody hard work.

    Even if you are the proud owner of an oversized iPhone like the 7 Plus, the amount of zooming in and out to simply be able to see what you are doing is frustrating and counterproductive. Therefore it is fair to say that this an app that is really best reserved for iPad use.

    The real limitation of Perspective, however, is how device-based it is. Even though you can share a link, or an embed, to your presentation, it can still only be viewed within the app or via social media, seriously limiting its potential audience.

    The iPad is popular but just as many people (if not more) are opting for an open-source Android tablet. This means that you might not be able to even share your presentation with all of your own colleagues. As a presentation creation tool Perspective is indeed a rather nice little option, but until there is at least an Android version of it, or some functionality to download a file to be viewed across a number of platforms, its real usefulness is very, very limited.

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