Why Hire Pearl Lemon to Be Your SEO Agency?

Whether you run a retail store, a coffee house, or a club, develop software, offer professional services of any kind, or are working on creating something completely new and wonderful, your business needs a web presence. At the very minimum, that means a website and to be frank, in the current digital environment, it often means quite a bit more. But it ALWAYS means you need a website.

That also means that you need search engine optimization. With more than one billion websites out there, it’s the only way to get noticed. You can’t convert visitors who never show up.

Unless you’re already a marketing genius, there’s a lot of good reasons to hire a professional SEO company. And if you Google SEO company we know you’ll find a lot. Tons. So why Pearl Lemon?

We could give you 101 reasons, but in the interests of time and space, we’ll stick, for now, to some of the most important. And if you want lots more, just give us a call…we would be happy to share more.

Pearl Lemon Saves You Time

Most business owners struggle with finding enough hours in the week to do everything. Actually, let’s face it, there are lots of days when it’s even hard to find the time for a coffee break. And this lack of time is why smart business owners, even those whose businesses are still relatively small, hire assistants and why they outsource.

SEO is a particularly demanding arena. It touches everything from keywords to content and even what links you use. It also involves the constant monitoring of the very structures of your web presence, right down to tiny individual pieces of code.

SEO is also in a constant state of evolution because it must adapt to changes in search engine algorithms. And they change all the time, usually with very little, if any, warning. In short, it’s a full-time job, and you already have one of those. That’s why, at Pearl lemon, we make it ours. This saves you time to focus on what you need to and what is most important to you and your business beyond SEO.

Outsourcing your SEO to Pearl Lemon frees you from spending every spare second reading – and fretting – about SEO and trying to deal with the hours and hours of work it takes to make it effective.

Pearl Lemon Speeds Up Corrective Actions – To Put Your Site on Top Faster

Did you know that your website’s basic structure can really hurt your SEO results? Anything from site load time, to page navigations to menus, tags, coding, and even image sizes can make your site less attractive to both search engines and users.

When we start working with a new client, the experienced and detail-driven technical SEO guys take a long, hard, and very objective look at their site. Work with us, and they will then tell you what fixes are critical – and why – and offer suggestions for less pressing corrections that, if made, will give additional boosts to your onsite SEO. Oh, and yes, they can either make those changes for you or walk you through, step-by-step, how to make them yourself.

Pearl Lemon Does Content – And We Do It Very Well

Even if you only occasionally read an article or two about SEO, chances are you’ll come across the phrase ‘Content is King.’ Read a few more articles, and you’ll hear it a lot. As cliched as it might sound, it’s absolutely true.

The websites that Google and other search engines love most are those that provide their search bots with a constant stream of great new content that they can keep scurrying on back to consume on a regular basis. Static websites are of very little interest to Google, even those with near-flawless technical SEO. Why? Because let’s face it, they are of very little interest to consumers and readers as well.

Content creation is another area where many businesses struggle. Even if they have staff who could create great written and visual content, they rarely have the time. Outsourcing can be just as hard as well. There are some great freelance content creators out there, but we know – from painful personal experience – that there are a lot of bad eggs as well. And as much as great content can do to boost your SEO, poor content can do to damage it.

The content team at Pearl Lemon has the skill, creativity, experience, and accuracy to produce content that is just what Google is looking for. And they can do that because they’ve been doing it for years. So if coming up with relevant, engaging, SEO boosting content is a struggle for your company, we’ve got you covered.
Pearl Lemon Provides Expertise

The digital space is overflowing with metrics, stats, and analytical numbers. Bounce rates, load times, traffic sources, time on page, sign-ups, conversions, it goes on and on, and that’s just when it comes to your website.

Go offsite, and things get even more complicated. Social media – another space where every business needs to have a presence right now – is full of likes such as likes, retweets, followers, and all kinds of other stuff.

The thing is, which of these stats and numbers are actually meaningful for SEO and bear careful watching and tweaking and which are little more than vanity metrics that do little more than stroke the ego?

If you run a restaurant, the answer isn’t obvious. Your expertise is in menu creation, food preparation, and employee management. The same is true for any business owner. Deciphering a maze of digital analytics is highly unlikely to be something you’ve ever been trained to do – or have the time to learn.

Hiring Pearl Lemon connects you with experts who do know the difference between meaningful and vanity metrics. They do know what is important and what’s not. They can also advise you about what tactics and strategies work best in your industry – because there is no one size fits all ‘plan’ for everyone.

Pearl Lemon Offers Simplified Reporting

Pearl Lemon Will Help You Avoid Costly Errors

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