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Friday Review

Hello everyone, this is s with PR lemon. And today I’ll be doing a review of this tool called Friday. If you’re looking for your own SEO tool, then you could visit ours at surface comm to see if it is a tool for you. Let’s go ahead and jump right in. We are at Friday, and as I mentioned, it is a productivity tool. The main objective of this tool that Friday focuses on is the idea of trying to reduce meetings by talking about things you know, sooner rather than later, and just not have your time wasted during a meeting when it could have been solved over message. So let’s go ahead and go to our pricing. So here are the pricing plans. And of course, you know, team productivity tools, project management, task management tools, there tend to be based on the users. So the good thing is for small teams that are starting out, you can have this tool completely for free. So I feel like that is very helpful for those teams to just really, you know, get on top of things and improve their company as it increases as the users go. So here we are at the Friday dashboard. And it is based off of your desks such as your desk, so your virtual desk, such as the test that you’re planning to do, or any meetings that you might have. And then it goes based off of activities. So here is my desk, and here are the tests that I have to do. So after record three videos, write for our blog, and do some PR pitches. to advertise it’s super easy, you just simply write it. So I’ll just put this test it I hit Enter, and then it adds it. And that’s pretty much it, you can schedule it for a certain time. You can delete it if you want to, it’s just very easy. You can even do more, such as meeting notes and routine. But that’s more with the activity section. And I’ll get more into that later, I definitely would recommend watching their video on how the tool works, because I go into more depth on how you can get the most out of this tool and just kind of walk you through it very quickly. And then talking about what I like about it. So there’s quite a bit of tools, there’s quite a bit of features that I won’t get to show you such as the kudos icebreaker as some company goals. And that’s all some extra features that we won’t even get to today. So let’s go ahead and go to our planner section. So here is our planner. And it’s just basically your day on when you want to add something. So let’s add this to my agenda, such as a task. And I’m going to do record the videos because that’s what I’m doing right now. And let’s just schedule that. Perfect. As you may have noticed, you can schedule other things as well, such as a focus time, a break time, and routine, which is something that we’ll get into in just a second. But overall, you can integrate this with Google Calendar and outlook if you want to. So it’s always very helpful to see. Next, we have the feed section. So the activity feed is pretty straightforward. You probably seen this with other tools. activity feed is just mainly any actions that were taken, such as you know, giving kudos to someone and just anything that you’ve recently done. So it’s just your most recent history of anything that you may have done on this tool. Next, we have posts. Now these posts can be anywhere from meeting notes, they can be announcements, anything like that. So what I really like about this section is that you can do meeting notes because a lot of the times you may be in a meeting, and both people or let’s say multiple people are paying attention, but they may have written down a different thing. gotten a different perspective on each other. So it’s really nice to see and compare and contrast meeting notes to kind of get to the root on what the host may have been trying to say. So that’s very helpful. I feel like that happens to me all the time. You can also promote an idea if there’s a better way you can do things you can make an announcement or it could just be completely safe. Thing is,

let’s just walk through a meeting note, just because I feel like that’s very helpful. And it’s just pretty straightforward, you can write the title of the meeting. So you can write, you know, writers meeting. And I recommend putting the date that happened. So August 3, writers meeting. And then you can also mention kind of everything, you can imagine everything that you’ve gathered from that meeting. So say that, you know, the goal is to write. So this is just an example, then you can publish, you also have some other options. To make it visible to certain people, you can add a certain tag, different things like that, and then hit Publish. And other people will be able to see it and react and add any comments and say, No, it’s not three, it’s two to three. So that’s very helpful. And then one of my favorite sections is the routine section. So the routine section overall, has quite a bit of things. It varies from planning, it can include gratitude, it can include, you know, feedback, and different things like that. So there’s quite a bit, the routine feature overall is kind of there to reduce stress and kind of clear your mind in different ways. So the morning plan feature allows you to spend time thinking about what you need to accomplish. So a lot of the times we get so much, a lot of the times we are getting so many tasks, and it can be overwhelming, to kind of break down what you need to do. So this specific routine can help you with that. So it adds prompts, it adds power ups, you can schedule this, you know, for your participants every single day, if you want to every few times a day, etc, and so forth. And there’s others as well, you can reflect and review what you did today and just kind of just to feel a lot more accomplished and a lot a lot more clear with what you’re doing. And I feel like this is a really great tool because there’s so much with it, there’s personal, there’s teams, there’s even personal, let’s go to the team, there’s a weekly check in, you can do monthly check in progress plans and problems. So I feel like this is just very helpful to kind of to kind of manage a work live, whether it’s in person, asynchronous or remote. So I feel like that’s very helpful. Next, we have some integrations. So they have quite a bit of integrations as for calendars, Google Calendar, and outlook. And then for chat tool, we have Slack, Microsoft Teams, as well as some other planning tools. So I feel like this is very helpful. And even if you don’t have your an integration that might fit your company, I feel like this is still beneficial because they have their own planner, they have their own task management. So it’s still all very helpful. Let’s go to our pros and cons. So there’s a lot that I really like about this tool. I really like that routine feature because I feel like it can really help gather everyone’s thoughts and really think, okay, what’s something I can improve on? What’s my priorities, you know, how am I feeling about the company different things, it just allows you to take the time to reflect on so much. And I like that there’s a chance to give feedback with that routine feature. The next I do like the meeting notes and the fact that you can post your meeting notes, I feel like you could make that required for you know, maybe one person or maybe everyone if you want to and just see what everyone gathered from the recent MIDI meeting and clarify anything that might have come off, you know, miscommunicated or anything like that. There is a focus time feature that allows you to pick specifically take a break or focus on something and I really like that it’s free for startups so that is very helpful. As for the cons, I didn’t really have any issues with the tool and they’re coming out with so many features they have features about breaking the ice, about breaking the ice and the kudos feature to you know, award people and say Good job, you know, for doing this different things like that. So there’s nothing in specific that I disliked about this tool. Obviously if you feel like a feature is missing, they do have a place where you can let them know that and they are very open about that. So there’s no distinctive cons. Obviously if this isn’t the tool for you, then that is completely okay. But other than that,

thank you so much for watching. Thank you so much for watching today’s video or See if you have any pros or cons or any experiences with this tool, feel free to add them down below. But overall thank you so much for watching.