Frase Review

Frase Review – Accelerate Growth With AI Tools

Producing good content is not what it used to be. You can’t just write an article and publish it because it has good grammar. 

You now have to make sure that all your written content is optimized, that you are answering the right questions and that it’s SEO-friendly. 

This will increase your chances of getting clicks to your website and ranking your content higher than your competitors. 

Frase offers many features that ensure your website is publishing well-optimized content for maximum results. 

Some content writers swear by it. Let’s find out what Frase really has to offer and see whether its features are worth investing in for ourselves.

What is Frase?


Frase is an SEO optimization software that is used to grow organic traffic, improve conversion rates and content optimization

All this is done with the artificial intelligence tools embedded in Frase. It analyzes the questions your users have and answers them automatically for you. 

This software has two main features: Frase Content and Frase Answers. Each of these features achieves the same goal of increasing your organic traffic and increasing your conversion rates. 

The strategy is different according to the specific needs of your industry. 

Let’s analyze each feature individually!

Frase Content Review

This feature uses content optimization software that improves your content strategy by a lot

Speaking from personal experience, Frase cut my research time from 30+ minutes to under 5 minutes!

Say you want to write an article about green tea – a dry topic – all you have to do is write your content directly in Frase. 

Once this is done, you’ll get a content brief that includes an outline of the important aspects to add to your article based on competitive analysis research. 

This process takes seconds. All I have to do is choose which information to build my content on. 

competitive analysis research

Here, you can choose whether you want to create new content or optimize already existing content. 

If you choose to optimize already existing content, you copy and paste it into Frase, and the software analyzes the content in relation to my competitors. 

You’ll then receive a competitive analysis of the keywords that you’re missing and different types of data to add so that you can outrank my competitors. 

If you choose to create new content with Frase, you cut your research time in half! 

Top Results

The Frase software analyzes the top 20 results on search engines and shows you the average word count, number of headers, links and images. 

This means that if your competitors are writing between 1,300-2,000 words, your article should be 2,500 to create more value for readers and to outrank them. 

This overview helps you understand what to do to create content that is better than what’s already out there. 

When you choose to get a content brief, you’ll get detailed information about how to approach your article, depending on the data collected. 

Customize Content

You get to choose what you want to see in your content brief. If you want to see what related questions people ask on Google, then you can add that too. 

You get all this, including statistics, SERP data and headline suggestions. Oh, and it gets better!

Once you’ve started writing your article, Frase will show you which keywords you need to add and score your content to compare it to your competitors. 

This way, you’ll write and see your content surpass the standard of the top articles on Google.

This is what the topic scores look like:

Topic Score

The sources used the phrase “risk of cancer” four times to get the green light from Frase, you should use it 4-5 times. 

This ensures that your content has the right keywords for your topic. The artificial intelligence software updates you in real-time while you write. 

By the time you’re done writing your content, it will already be optimized for search engines. And it will be a higher standard than your competitors. Pretty cool, right? 

Who Benefits?

Frase content is designed for content marketing teams, SEO teams, and marketing agencies. I’d even add that it’s great for bloggers and content writers. 

  1. Content marketing teams
    1. Increase team efficiency 
    2. Outrank your competitors 
    3. Receive competitive analyses 
    4. Gain more revenue from your content


  2. SEO teams
    1. Search Console integration 
    2. On-page SEO made easy
    3. Content optimization


  3. Marketing agencies
    1. Cost-effective optimization 
    2. International language super
    3. Improve client deliverables


  4. Content writers & bloggers
    1. Cut research time in half
    2. Optimize content in real-time
    3. Grow organic traffic 

If you fall in either one of these categories, then you can greatly benefit from Frase.

I cannot stress this enough. Frase made my content writing process so much easier. It saves time and helps us writers focus on writing the best possible content. 

Frase Answers Review

This feature is designed to generate more revenue for websites. The artificial intelligence software that Frase uses answers questions that improve the conversion rates of your site visitors. 

The software analyzes website visitors, learns from your content and automatically answers questions 24/7. This is great for FAQs, landing pages, help centers and store pages on websites. 

Frase Answers Platform has specific tools that help you increase organic traffic, conversion rates and generate more revenue. All those tools are included in one platform for your benefit.

Here is what is included: 

  1. Automated support answers available 24/7
  2. Automated sales answers available 24/7
  3. Answer analytics dashboard

You can sign up for free and familiarize yourself with the platform. When you do, you get to set up an Answer Assistant for your website. 

Answer Assistant

You can choose between getting a website crawl or manually create an assistant. In a website crawl, the AI learns more about you based on your website content. 

Once this is done, you can access datasets and detailed analytical information about your website. This is incredibly useful for SEO teams that are trying to improve on-page SEO.

Pricing & Payment Options

There are four payment options available that are categorized according to the size of your team.

Basic Plan

Individuals can sign up for the basic plan that allows them to deliver content optimization services. This plan starts at $44.99/month.

Here is what is included in the basic plan: 

  1. Automated content briefs 
  2. Advanced topic scoring 
  3. Pre-built templates 
  4. 1-user option 
  5. 30 document credits
  6. Search Console integration 
  7. Support for 6+ languages
  8. Unlimited exporting & sharing

Team Plan

SEO and content marketing teams can choose the team plan that allows them to work together on a large scale. This plan starts at $114.99/month.

Here is what is included in the team plan: 

  1. Unlimited document credits
  2. 3-users option (extra $25 per extra user)
  3. 30-day answers analytics
  4. Custom templates
  5. Team document folders

Growth Plan

Larger full-stack teams can choose the growth plan that allows them to work on traffic and conversion optimization. This plan starts at $199.99/month.

Here is what is included in the growth plan: 

  1. Up to 100k page views 
  2. 60-day answers analytics
  3. Train AI for customized answers
  4. Automate support answers
  5. Automate sales answers
  6. Live chat handoff
  7. Multiple website crawls 
  8. Hubspot CRM integration 
  9. Exit-intent popups

Enterprise Plan

Large growth teams that handle high-traffic websites can choose the enterprise plan that is designed to handle more complex projects. 

This plan uses custom pricing where you’d have to contact the Frase team to get a price quote. The pricing will differ depending on the size of your team and the number of high-traffic websites your team manages. 

Here is what is included in the Enterprise plan: 

  1. Everything included in the Growth plan 
  2. Unlimited page views 
  3. Unlimited answers analytics 
  4. Remove Frase branding
  5. CPD integrations
  6. Priority support
  7. Implementation manager

Bundles & Add-ons

When you choose a plan to pay for, you have the option to add on other exclusive features that Frase offers.

Frase Add On

The Frase SEO add-on provides important SERP metrics about backlinks and domain authority for content optimization projects. 

This can be very valuable in making important decisions on which topics to prioritize in your content marketing team. 

This add-on is $35/month. You can add it to your already-existing payment plan. 

Frase API

The Frase API allows you to take full advantage of all the data from Frase Content and Frase Answers. 

You can collect this data to create client deliverables to share with your clients and team. 

You can also use the answers to add to your custom solution. For detailed pricing information, you’ll need to contact the Frase team. 

Pros & Cons of Frase

These are the Pros of using Frase: 

  1. It saves time for content writers who have to research
  2. Helps content writers optimize content 
  3. Shows detailed reports on competitor website content 
  4. Very user friendly
  5. Create content briefs to make research faster and more efficient

These are the Cons of using Frase:

  1. Frase tutorials are not very helpful
  2. No wizard features

Final Verdict

Frase uses advanced analytics and artificial intelligence software to help users transform their websites and content. 

If you look closely at the payment options available, it’s clear that each added feature is worth the investment. Each payment plan offers excellent features that can be quite valuable to any digital team that produces content online.

Investing in this software could be a good investment for SEO teams, bloggers, content marketing teams, and marketing agencies. 

There’s a lot that this software has to offer. Most importantly, it helps you increase your conversion rates, generate more revenue and optimize published content. 

Overall, Frase is an outstanding SEO tool that every content marketing team should have in their arsenal.

The final verdict is: Frase scores 90%

If you want other alternatives, try using MarketMuse or Page Optimizer Pro.

But if you like this tool, then you can sign up for Frase here.