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Review of Designbold

Designbold Review – Online Photo Editor Design Studio

Designbold is a stellar design software for marketers that requires no prior design knowledge. It’s a competitor to Canva and has a lot of the same awesome features that we are used to – design templates, images, automatic sizes – but also has a few incredible features specifically for marketers.


It’s really easy to use this platform. Click on stuff, drag-and-drop, it’s as easy as Kindergarten Math. It’s a very similar experience to Canva, I would say, and they probably did that on purpose so that customers could switch between platforms with ease and comfort.


The features of Designbold are a bit more geared towards marketers. I personally found their templates to be more focused on the B2B marketing industry, with less of that fluffy “wedding” or “pets” or “flower shop” templates.

Nothing wrong with weddings, but come on guys, I got leads to acquire!

Here are the differences between Canva and Designbold (courtesy of Designbold):


The price is a bit higher than Canva. Here are the plans:

-Pro ($19/month)
-Team ($49/month)


Overall, I really like Designbold.

It has the same rustic, simple appeal as waffles for breakfast, milking cows, and George W. Bush. It’s made for marketers that don’t want the hassle of hiring designers or opening a 300-page Adobe Suite manual (I have one in my bathroom for quiet browsing, I like all the pretty pictures).

But seriously, if you are a marketer, then you need to check out Designbold and make some nice graphics for your blog, social media, or site.

Deepak Shukla

Deepak Shukla

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