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Crystal Knows Review: The Personality Platform for growing businesses.

Hello, everyone, this is less of Parliament. And today I’ll be doing a review on this tool called Crystal. If you’re looking for your own SEO tool, feel free to visit To see if it is a tool for you. Let’s go ahead and get started. So crystal is kind of a unique tool that we will be discussing today. It does involve kind of like a team management or just involves your team. But basically it is a disc platform for growing companies. And they integrate the disc personality insights with sales, hiring and the training process. And I’ll get into a little bit more about what disc is. So this is a well established and trusted behavioral framework. So it’s kind of one of those things where you take a personality test, you know, a career test, basically how well you work with others, what work environment, do you work best in different things like that. So this kind of tells you is someone more dominant, influential, steady, conscientious, etc. Let’s go ahead and take a deeper look into how, how relevant This is to a company and how relevant it is to your company. So they have three specific, I guess you could say features or objectives that they like to use disk for. So it’s teams sales and hiring. So they have personal assessments for team building training culture, this can really help you kind of look at the culture, the company culture, is there any toxicity going around? What can be, you know, who works well together different things like that, then you can look at the sales. So I really like they in the way they implement sales, because as you know, in the sales industry, cold calling, cold, emailing, negotiating, etc, and so forth, you do have to have a certain personality and a certain way about you to connect with people and to get sales essentially. So I really liked that they do this. And I feel like this would be the most interesting one for our audience and for a lot of people. So they basically get a deeper insight on the prospect, the account and you get a deeper insight about yourself. Next is the hiring. So this helps HR teams throughout the hiring process. It kind of lets you know if the applicant works will with your team, maybe they’re not a great fit, etc, and so forth. So this can really help you with that. Obviously, obviously, if you have a good feeling about a person, go with your gut, let’s go ahead and go into the profile. So here is my profile. And basically you take a test once you sign up, and I took my test didn’t take too long. But here’s where I fall on the disk type. So I’m an influencer. I am adventurous, a visionary and outgoing. So it says that les tends to be an outgoing thinker, and naturally has an easy time persuading others, confident and decisive. She’s likely to take bold action and articulate ideas to build momentum around projects that she proceeds. So this is quite interesting. And to kind of let you know if I relate to this or not. Overall, I feel like I do relate to it. I never see myself as an adventurous person. But that’s within the realm of I guess you could say more hobbies, I guess you could say, such as going on a roller coaster, or watching scary movies that I am not adventurous and that type. But I do take bold actions. And I’m very confident in terms a in terms of a professional setting. So of course, that’s probably what the adventurous part means. But I do relate to it. And I would say that this is extremely accurate. So aside from that, they do have a sets, assessments, they have the disc personality and the Nn. And they groom. I apologize if I’m not pronouncing that right, the integrum test the six personality type test and personality playbooks. So the personality playbooks is not an assessment. It is with the playbook feature, I guess you can say.

The playbooks are essentially there for multiple reasons. They help you understand other members, they can help you, you know, navigate throughout Certain conversations and just really and just really understand on what it’s like to lead a team work with the team, and just communicate overall. So let’s go to working with Celeste here is where you can select the profiles based off of their assessments. So they do have to complete a disc assessment. So we’re just going to go ahead and put to the swith and Mark Cuban. And then you have templates, you have the team and the sales templates. And let’s just go ahead and go to the team template. So leading a team will click that one. So again, this is just a playbook section, it is not an assessment, your team members do have to take an assessment in order to really in order to be eligible to select their profile. But these are just example people’s. So just imagine, these are just example profiles. So just a budget having your people and clicking based off of that, and you’ll be able to see their type such as the disk based off of the disc, comparison or disc profile. So we have Oprah, she’s an initiator, she, she’s an initiator, we have jennifer aniston, who has a planner. And it just kind of gives you information on that, again, this would be your employees, or co workers that you would get to see here, you can take notes, you can compare and contrast them across different personalities, you can see their group strength, the group weaknesses, the meeting style. So it’s very helpful to kind of see as a group, you know, who’s working well together, who may not get along as well, just based off of, you know, different things. So there’s quite a bit that you can see here. And this is just very helpful to kind of look at your team in a different perspective. So up here, we have the main features that I was mentioning, we have the team, the sales and the hiring. So basically, it’s everything that you just saw, but it’s kind of geared towards either a team, the sales or the hiring, there’s nothing really different between each of them. It’s just the objective of the playbooks and different things like that. I thought that was quite the unique tool. It’s not something that I usually do, but it’s something that I did want to implement, because everyone wants to look at their team, you know, everyone looks at their team differently. And I figured that this might be something that people can benefit from. So I didn’t make a list of pros and cons because it’s basically dependent on if this is something that you’re interested in, such as the looking at personalities, and different things like that, and how well your team could work together. If you don’t necessarily like this perspective, I would still recommend looking, I would recommend looking at a nother kind of productivity or team management tool that’s still effective in you know, feedback, giving and still promotes kind of some type of transparency. But overall, it really depends on how you want to run your team. Or it really depends on how you want to run your team and how you want the company culture to be. So think of those two things whenever you’re considering a tool such as this one. We’re any team management tool, but overall that is pretty much it. And thank you for watching.

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