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CoverageBook Review

Hello everyone, this is us with prelamin into the OBD review on this tool called coverage book. If you’re looking for your own SEO tool, feel free to visit ours at surface comm to see if it is a tool for you. Let’s go ahead and get started.

So here we are at coverage book and coverage book is just a new creative way where you can make reports on your coverage, and your coverage history just a lot faster and just a lot more pleasing to view. So what we’re going to do is walk through the pricing, they’re going to walk through how it works, because this is quite the unique tool that I haven’t seen before, then we’ll run through the dashboard because the dashboard is quite quick to go through. So here are the pricing plans. And we have quite a bit and overall it’s based on the users. And it looks like it’s also based on the clips per month. So the clips per month is basically what you are going to you’re going to upload as coverage. So that’s your limits per month. But overall, that’s pretty much it nothing really extra to this tool, you kind of see what the editing comes down to. But let’s go to the how it works section. So they will only put your coverage in this beautiful book that you can create. They also provide metrics and analytics for you. So they collect all the URLs that you’re mentioned in, and they paste them into this book while collecting data on whatever that your URL is. So basically you handpick the coverage that you want the data for. And they will get useful data such as images for your report, and you’ll see step by step on how they do this. And within minutes, you have a report from that coverage, and it’s super quick.

But overall, that’s pretty much it. So basically, we’re gonna be making a coverage book today, and we’re gonna see the analytics that it shows us our basic report. And that’s pretty much it. So let’s go ahead and make a book. So today we’re gonna make a new book. And something that I like about this is they also let you organize it based on your clients. So this is very helpful, helpful. I am a specific PR member for my team. So I don’t have any clients. But other members do have clients. So this can be helpful for them. So there’s two types of coverage. We have online and offline coverage. The online coverage is basically articles, blogs, social media, YouTube, etc, anything that you can find online. And then the offline. The offline coverage can be print media, such as the newspaper, a broadcast video, or any audio clips, as they mentioned. So I tend to get some online coverage. So this is what we’re going to do, you didn’t paste the URLs from your coverage all in one place. So you don’t need just one URL, you can put multiple if you want to. I’m going to go ahead and put this one. So I went ahead and put in a URL from a. So I went ahead and put a URL from a coverage that I just received. And right now it’s basically gathering all that information. So here it is, they did all of this for me. So this background image is from the article. And this is the article that we got featured in. So that’s where they’re getting the images from. So here we go. And you can basically edit your logo, your clients logo, the title, add comics, etc, and so forth. Then they get your metrics as well. This is the amount of pieces of coverage, I only added one, you get to see the online readership for that blog, or, or online coverage, you also get to see the estimated coverage views. That’s very helpful. You see social shares, links from the coverage and average domain authority as well as add any custom metric that you would like. So I really like that you can do that. And overall, that’s pretty much it. Here are the highlights. These are the highlights that you can manually pick highlights that you can menu pick and portrays here. You can also make any edits on the side right here on any of the sections we just went over such as the front coverage, the metrics highlights and edit the coverage as well. So here’s the editing, you can do as much as you want to you can do the title, the image, crop the image, if you want to, etc, and so forth. And that’s pretty much it and they do everything for you. Overall, that’s pretty much it with the tool itself. Overall, that’s pretty much it with the tool itself. And you can basically view your coverage books as needed. But let’s go ahead and go into the pros and cons. For my pros, I really like that it’s a unique, unique approach to getting your coverage. It’s not only in this book as if it’s like, you know, a visual photo book, different things like that. But it’s also gathering analytics while they’re doing it. So everyday like how they do both of those, and it makes reporting a lot faster, it literally took me less than a minute to do all that. And I was talking so I was quite impressed with all that this will be a short video. As for the cons, I kind of wish that they were more analytics in terms of you know how to view it on the coverage, and then outside of the coverage. So basically, you know more of a page where you can just strictly look at the analytics of every single coverage on that book rather than kind of viewing it just because I think it’s a lot simpler. And I feel like this would be helpful for the clients as well because they can see both, you know, an overview of the coverage visually and the coverage through analytics. Thank you so much for watching today’s video if you have any pros or cons and then down below, if you haven’t any alternatives to you could add those as well. Other than that, thank you so much for watching.

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