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ContentCal Review

Hello everyone, this is lesson 11 into the OB doing review on this tool called content cow. If you’re looking for your own SEO tool read about or is it surprise or calm to see if it is a tool for you. Let’s go ahead and get started.

So here is content cow. And I’m so excited to view this tool because it involves a lot more content than I’ve seen on other content management tools. Specifically, when you think of content, you may think of, you know internal content such as you know, posting blog post, or you might even think about more of social media and PR. But overall, this tool does a great job of blending all that together, such as your articles your PR, and you can do it for your clients as well. So let’s go ahead and get started, we’re going to look at the pricing.

So here is the pricing plan. Of course, you need to do a 14 day free trial with full access to the tools. And it is no credit card required. Here is the essential advanced and expert plan that you can get over all it depends on users the number of calendars and social profiles that you can have, and some of the standard features. So I’m going to go ahead and walk through some of these standard features, because they’re very hard to go through on the tool because there’s just so much when we go into the dashboard. So you get different calendar views direct scheduling, a content hub, a pinboard. Some snippets, you get access to articles, if you’re on that plan, you get some preset scheduling time, the campaign, the content gal engaged for the bulk transaction, and a lot of support and services. So overall, you have to go ahead and walk through to see which one of these would fit best for your company and your needs. It really depends if you have clients that you would like to use this for, because you can do that. And obviously, their needs might affect on which plan that you have. Let’s go into my dashboard.

So here we are at the dashboard. And before we get started, I would like to say they have quite a bit of resources, they have plenty of videos to walk you through specific actions such as public publishing, how to use the analytics, how to use the engage section. So definitely take a look at these who’s going to get the most out of the tool, because everything that I’m showing you here doesn’t do it justice, of course, so definitely go ahead and check out those tutorials. So let’s go ahead and get started and talk about some pros and cons throughout this tool. So first, you are going to create your first you can create calendars, you can create calendars based off of your website or your client websites. Here’s one of our websites, we have plant Sumo. And we have some other websites that we work on clients with, then you can invite and manage people.

When you invite people, you can add them as a client team member admin. So client is going to have minimal access, it’s really up to you, the team member is going to have a little bit more in terms of managing everything. And then the admin is going to have the most access in terms of adding people making changes, and different things like that. And you can give this give them access to certain amount of calendars. So of course you don’t want your clients to see all your other clients, he only wants them to see that specific calendar.

So let’s go ahead and jump into our current calendar plan zoom.

So within every calendar, you get all of these top features up here. So you are not x accessing all the calendars and all the features are here. You can only go to one calendar at a time and then do the features within them. Because it’s the content within that site.

It’s the content within that site. So hopefully that makes sense. First we start off with the publishing section. And here is a week view you can do a list or a month view. And let’s go ahead and look at what you can publish to.

Here are the different things that you can publish to they have Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google My Business I did see that some comments mentioned that they wish Pinterest was on here. Someone also said LinkedIn but they have that now so that’s great. And you can do some more advanced things with Instagram but people did mention pictures was just understandable just because the way the way Pinterest works of course you just want to make it a lot easier on you. And then within this calendar, you can add a new poster and a new article right

Now I have this post in a draft section. For Instagram, I don’t quite have the date or time yet, if I have the date or time then it lands on here. They also get to see other things like your campaigns. Here’s my campaigns. And it is a test run campaign right here. You can add campaign anywhere you like. That’s what this top section is. And you can add notes right here and add a post to any of the

any of the social media, you can obviously take this view off, if you’re not using that one, then you can do that. But overall, that’s pretty much it. I really liked how they optimize this section, because you can do so much. Let’s go ahead and jump into our content hub.

Content hub is basically a

section to hold all your content and you can add any to your pinboard or schedule into your publisher. If needed, you can create content directly from here, you can start writing and category tags, any comments, and then just add the content. Here is one that I have here.

As for the articles, I really like this section, because with the articles, there’s so much you can do, you can write your article directly from here if you wanted to. You don’t have to, of course, but if you did, you can, you can just put the title and start writing, add to a certain calendar, put the tags, comments, etc, and so forth. So everything can be done right through here.

Next, you have analytics and the campaign’s. So as I mentioned, I have a campaign and it is currently upcoming, it hasn’t happened yet. But it’s so easy to create a campaign, you just have the title start and end date, put the campaign you can add everything through here. Of course, if that campaign. Next we have members and approval. So this is more of an admin section where you can where you can use the approval flow of different content, and you get to give access on who can do that. Next we have the engage section. Lastly, we have a few integrations. So you can connect some of your favorite apps to content now, you can supercharge your productivity productivity with access to over 1000 apps via Sabre. So overall, that’s quite the impressive section.

Let’s go ahead and go into our pros and cons.

Overall, I really like that it’s an all inclusive content tool. It’s not just writing, it’s not just social media, or just campaigns, it is all under one. Now the only con about that is that if you have any issues with certain sections, like campaigns, or you have any issues with the social media, then of course it doesn’t seem that all intuitive to you. It really just depends on how you like to work. But overall, it’s just for organize. And it’s beneficial for your content and any external content, such as your clients if you have any. And you have plenty of Reese’s resources to help you along the way. And as I mentioned, it’s overall extremely organized to help smooth things and allow things who schedule a lot faster.

The only cons that I have and that I found is that overall they don’t have Pinterest that could be coming soon sometime in the future. We don’t know but hopefully and also I saw that many people said that they have a limited analytics. I don’t quite know what necessarily they’re looking for. Most of them mentioned that they have clients that they have to show certain things and it contact counted show that they didn’t say specifically on what things they’re looking out for. So maybe that would might be helpful. If they mentioned what exactly they’re looking for. Maybe this tool can improve. Actually since they didn’t mention what they could improve on. I don’t know if that’s already been added. So that’s something they do want to mention but analytics is very touchy thing everyone has their preferences on what they want to view.

Thank you so much for watching today’s video. If you have any pros or cons we’ll create it and then down below. If you haven’t any alternatives to you could add those as well. Other than that, thank you so much for watching.

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