ClickCease Review

ClickCease Reviews – Top-rated Google Ads Click Fraud Prevention



What is ClickCease?

ClickCease is designed to block competitors, bots and fraudulent sources from clicking on your pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

This tool uses military-grade cyber fraud detection to analyze which clicks are authentic and which ones are fraudulent. Cyber fraud detection can be indispensable for companies that pay for multiple PPC ad campaigns. 

You shouldn’t lose money because of fraudulent clicks. Instead, you should get your money’s worth with every click you pay for. ClickCease aims to help its users achieve just that!

This Google Ad fraud protection software eliminates invalid IP addresses and ultimately blocks fake clicks. It’s all done to boost your PPC ad campaigns so that you can generate more qualified leads

This is done by using 24/7 campaign monitoring, setting custom detection rules, using automated real-time click fraud detection, and releasing detailed reports. Users get access to all of these elements once they start using ClickCease

Analysis of ClickCease Features

ClickCease has five main features that are designed to work together to boost your PPC ad campaigns. 

These features include:

  1. Click Fraud Detection 
  2. Auto-Block Click Fraud
  3. Extensive Analytics
  4. Record Click Fraud
  5. ADSPY

Let’s go a little more in-depth to analyze what each of these features offers.

Click Fraud Detection

In order to detect fraudulent PPC clicks, Clickcease carefully monitors all clicks with an advanced machine learning algorithm.

This algorithm distinguishes between authentic clients and fraudulent sources that could waste your money.

Click Fraud Detection

ClickCease aims to protect its users from the following threats:

  1. Competitor Clicks: shady competitors could click on your ads to deplete your budget and take away your opportunity to get real clients
  2. Bot Clicks: bots represent about 40% of internet traffic and could commit PPC click fraud on your ads
  3. Click Farms: competitors could hire multiple people to remove your PPC ads from search engines by incessantly clicking on the ads
  4. Accidental Clicks: those who click unintentionally represent about 50% of mobile ad clicks
  5. Brand Haters: those people who only click on your ads to deplete your budget because they don’t want you to succeed

You may be wondering how this is actually achieved and how all this information gets detected. 

Well, it’s not a complicated process. 

ClickCease uses a fraud detection algorithm to analyze fraud signals to distinguish between innocent clicks and click fraud. 

This is what the fraud detection algorithm does:

  1. Monitors your ads: every click will be tracked and monitored for its IP, VPN, and unique settings
  2. Analyzes your traffic to spot fraud: every click gets an overall score to help distinguish between innocent and fraudulent sources
  3. Blocks clicks from fraudulent sources: fraudulent IPs are automatically added into an AdWords IP exclusion list to block the source
  4. Quarantines dangerous IP addresses: the most fraudulent IP addresses are quarantined by the system
  5. Saves you extra money: a report will be sent to Google to ask for refunds for invalid activity (if necessary) and you’ll have less fraudulent clicks

The best part is that the click fraud detection tool is customizable. Depending on your specific industry, you can determine what rules to implement.

Auto-Block Click Fraud

ClickCease can auto-block click fraud by telling AdWords not to show certain ads to sources that have been categorized as fraudulent. This saves you a lot of money!

Click Report

Instead of manually making changes to your campaign IP list, ClickCease automates this by instantly blocking fraudulent sources. 

Users can also control which IP addresses are blocked and for how long the ban lasts. This includes control over whitelisting, blacklisting and quarantine times.

Keep in mind that 1 out of 5 PPC clicks are fraudulent, and no one wants to pay for fraud! 

Extensive Analytics

One of the best things about ClickCease is the detailed analytical reports users receive. 

Once you open your dashboard, you see lots of data about each of your campaigns and information on the types of clicks you’ve been getting. 

Google Ads Analytics

The analytic reports give users detailed information about: 

  1. Blocked IP Addresses
  2. Countries
  3. Keywords
  4. Campaigns 
  5. Muli-Clicks
  6. Types of Devices
  7. IP ranges 
  8. Placements

Users can choose to download their data into a CSV or have detailed analysis in a Clicks Report. This is what a Clicks Report looks like:

Click Report

Yet again, users can choose to export the data to CSV or Excel according to their preferences. 

The report shows the following information:

  1. Threat level 
  2. IP Address 
  3. Reason for blocking 
  4. Blocked status 
  5. Number of clicks 
  6. Country of origin 
  7. City 
  8. Date and time of the first click
  9. Date and time of the last click

It’s…a lot. There is no room for guessing here, ClickCease provides detailed reports for users

This is what a country report looks like: 


The colour-coded map makes it user friendly and easy to follow. Evidently, gets a lot of fraudulent clicks from India.

Fraudulent Countries

According to the data, ClickCease has blocked 5 sources and has had -4 genuine leads. This data is based on their analysis conducted between March 12-March 18. Now we can do with this information what we will. 

Do you see how easy and detailed that was?

Depending on how many PPC campaigns you run at a time, you can monitor all of them in one place. 


My account is only running one campaign at the moment, but if we were running 3-5 campaigns, we’d be able to monitor them on the “campaigns” tab. 

Every tab included in the Fraud Analytics brings users one step closer to clarity!

Campaigns report

At a glance, users can have brief reports detailing the fraud types, fraudulent campaigns and countries. 

Visitors Analytics

This is also on the dashboard. It shows basic information about the fraud threat level, fraud by device, and click analytics. This is perfect for quick and easy analyses. 

Campaign Intel Operative: ADSPY

For users who want to go the extra mile to identify the competitors who outrank them, ADSPY is a great asset

With ADSPY, users can analyze competitors’ ads based on the keywords they are ranking for. ADSPY notifies users about new competitors and shows them how their advertising ranks look. 


To demonstrate this, I chose “SEO agency” as my keyword and specified the search for companies in London, England. With this information, ADSPY will inform me about any new competitors and how Pearl Lemon ranks in comparison to them.


The reports give users information about how their ads are ranking over time. This data is also compared to that of their competitors. 


In addition to that, users can also analyze how their ads appear in the top positions on Google search engines. This data is also compared to that of their competitors. 

With all of these tools, users can have a comprehensive view of what is missing and how they can improve their PPC campaigns. 

ClickCease Pricing & Payment Plans

Don’t worry, there’s a free trial available!Thankfully, ClickCease isn’t one of those tools that stop people from using free trials.


There are two main payment plans. The Pro payment plan price differs according to the desired number of clicks. 

The Pro Payment Plan offers:

  1. Up to 10,000 clicks (number may vary)
  2. Unlimited domains 
  3. Cross-domain blocking
  4. Account overview 
  5. Dedicated account manager 
  6. Automatic IP blocking 
  7. Conversion tracking 
  8. Account sharing 
  9. Session recordings 
  10. Bounce detection 

As you can imagine, if you increase the number of clicks, the price will increase accordingly. 

This is a great option for agencies who have higher-data needs because the price is determined by how many clicks you may need. 

The Standard Payment Plan offers: 

  1. Up to 5,000 clicks (this is a fixed rate)
  2. Automatic IP blocking 
  3. Conversion tracking 
  4. Session recordings 
  5. Bounce detection 
  6. Account Sharing 

Regardless of which plan you choose, all the plans include unlimited Google Ads accounts, 24/7 support, and cancel-any-time policies. 

You can learn more about these payment plans here.

Pros & Cons of Using ClickCease

These are the Pros:

  1. Detailed analytical reports
  2. Click fraud detection 
  3. Affordable payment plans
  4. Free trial available 
  5. Very user-friendly 

These are the cons: 

  1. Blocking isn’t automated on all search engines, it works best for Google and Microsoft ads but it doesn’t work well on Bing

Final Verdict

You could probably guess what I’m about to say. 

ClickCease is fantastic! 

Not only is it user friendly, but it makes it nearly impossible to go back to running PPC campaigns without it. 

The detailed reports are an important element for users to critically evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns and the types of fraudulent clicks they get. 

The final verdict is: ClickCease scores 95%

If you’re interested in using this tool for your next PPC campaigns, then you can sign up for ClickCease here