Why Should You Choose an SEO Agency Shoreditch Over the DIY Approach?

You read a lot; you are pretty smart, so why should you choose to hire an SEO agency Shoreditch like Pearl Lemon over the DIY approach?

Over the years, basically, since the Internet first became a place that businesses should be, lots of research has been conducted into the relationship between local businesses and SEO. And time and time again, the statistics have made it clear make it quite clear that businesses with well-defined SEO strategies have better prospect-to-client conversion rates, higher returns on their marketing investments and better overall profit margins.

Yet only a handful of Shoreditch local business owners – and businesses all over London and beyond come to that – are willing to spend the time and money to hire an SEO agency Shoreditch to create and implement an SEO strategy.

These businesses will often quote all kinds of reasons for choosing to go the DIY route versus hiring an expert when it comes to SEO; the ever-changing landscape of SEO, lack of time, lack of money and the fact that in many cases, traditional advertising is still reasonably effective.

All of these things are true in varying degrees, depending on the business, but there is one other factor that both small business owners and digital marketing providers should consider: the sheer volume of information available on the Internet.

A Google search on the phrase SEO tips for small business yields about thirteen million results. With the exception of the sponsored ads that are promoting SEO services, every single result on the first page offers free advice to business owners. The titles of the links include phrases like 100 SEO tips and 32 low-cost SEO strategies.

With all of this information available online, why would a local business owner pay for an SEO agency Shoreditch to work for them? There are so many other places to spend money, and Google does appear to have all the answers where anything digital is concerned.

Cobbling together an SEO strategy from a patchwork of Internet articles is problematic, though, for the following reasons.

Just because it’s on Google, does not mean it`s true.

The Internet is a wonderful tool for research. It`s also a great place to find misinformation and conflicting advice, much of which is presented very convincingly. Someone who is in the business of, say, clothing design or optometry, probably wouldn`t be able to tell the good information from the bad.

One size does not fit all. The SEO tips available on the Internet do have value, but only in a general sense. They are a valuable resource for a business owner or manager wanting to learn about SEO. But when it comes to building a strategy, many factors have to be considered: the target market, the nature of the business, the competition, and much more. Every local business has its own unique qualities, deserving of a customized SEO strategy that cannot be found online.

Trial and error can be costly.

Not all SEO tips are going to work for all businesses, and finding out what works and what doesn`t can be expensive in terms of money spent and potential revenue lost. In the long run, you will spend less and get greater returns if you hire an SEO agency Shoreditch to do a proper analysis of your business and create an SEO strategy.

There are not enough hours in the day. Anyone who has run a business can attest to the fact that time is scarce. This is especially true for local businesses that are just starting out: the business owners have to take care of administration, finance and accounting, purchasing and a host of other things, on top of performing the primary activities of the business. SEO is something that can eat a lot of time. It makes sense to outsource this task to someone who knows how to do it right so that the business owner can concentrate on the primary business.

It makes sense for small business owners to find cost savings in as many areas as they can. But when it comes to SEO, a function that is designed to generate paying customers and increase your profits, it is better to pay an Internet marketing professional. Business owners who do this quickly see that it is not an expense; it is an investment with a great return.