vape shop seo

Vape Store SEO – What It Is, Why You Need It

Vape stores and retailers face a rather interesting – if annoying dilemma in 2019. The industry is booming, in the UK, in the US and across Europe. However, traditional Internet based PPC is out of the question as Google (and Bing) do not accept advertising for tobacco products and they included vape supplies in that…
gambling site seo

SEO For Gambling Sites – Why Is It So Hard?

SEO, in general, is not easy. Actually, SEO is hard. However, SEO for gambling sites – for a sports betting, poker or online casino site – or an affiliate site built on the gambling promotion model- is especially hard. Hard, but not impossible, as you’ll discover if you read on. In this post, we cover…

Complete Guide to Improving Your Own Local SEO

Whenever a prospective customer searches for keywords associated with your business, you want to rank in the top search results. When you rank well in a “local search” you have a higher chance of customers contacting your business over others because of your local presence. But how is it possible for you to rank your…

5 Key Things That Will Boost Your SEO that you probably don’t know

5 Non-Obvious SEO Tips Today we’ll take a rapid look at some things you can do to improve your website that you probably don’t know about: Categories vs Tags Google actually indexes both categories and tags on a WordPress site. Not something everyone is always aware of. Consequently duplicate content issues begin to arise. When…
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