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Book Like A Boss Review – Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software

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    If you’re good at what you do, there’s an equally good chance you’re in some pretty serious demand. Your valuable time gets split between meetings, consultations, and actually doing the work you’re so darn good at.

    But, you also almost certainly still need to book appointments and sell even MORE of your services. You can book appointments with the help of an app like Google Calendar or Outlook…or you can just create your own completely self-contained business platform with the help of Book Like a Boss.

    What is Book Like a Boss?

    Book Like a Boss isn’t just a scheduler or a website or a payment location. It’s all of the above. It’s perfect for solo entrepreneurs who offer and sell great services but are also usually just too busy to worry about the ins and outs of creating and maintaining a huge website.

    With Book Like a Boss, you can build out a webpage touting yourself and outlining your services. Armed with that knowledge, prospective customers can then book an appointment and even pay for your efforts, all in one simple-to-navigate environment.

    Your Book profile is fully customizable, allowing you to use photos, video, social media and other materials to best sell yourself. Appointments made through Book can be fully integrated with Outlook, Office 365, or other popular calendar apps to make sure your schedule is completely synced.

    You can also set up appointments in any configuration you like as well as use specially-created forms to get just the right information from anyone reaching out. Book even works seamlessly with Paypal, Stripe, Venmo and other apps to help you get paid quickly and easily.

    The Big Verdict on Book Like a Boss

    Book Like a Boss boils down everything the on-the-go entrepreneur needs to keep their business running smooth as glass. It’s not the right choice for a small business as that calls for a more robust full website solution. However for dog walkers, babysitters, coaches, cleaning services, musicians, plumbers and many more solopreneur types, it’s a great way to organize your business, and yourself, and streamline the day to day running of your venture with relative ease.

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