Overlooked SEO Booosters

Overlooked SEO Booosters Part 5: Finally Get Serious About Mobile First

Welcome to the fifth part in a nine-part series highlighting – and even better, explaining – some of the most underrated and underused SEO tactics you should make the focus of your 2021 SEO efforts to score some huge SEO boosts. Today, we are taking a new look at mobile-first search, mobile website optimisation, and

Google Image Search
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Overlooked SEO Boosters Part 4 – Leveraging the Power of Google Image Search

Welcome to the fourth part of our nine-part series, highlighting some of the most underused and overlooked SEO tactics that can score you big wins, as long as you pay attention to them. Images on your website are probably something you do pay attention to. At least when it comes to choosing images that look

Overlooked SEO Boosters

Overlooked SEO Boosters Part 3: Up Your E-A-T Game

This is the third part of nine-part series covering some of the most underused – and yet, very effective – SEO tactics you should be adding to your 2021 SEO to-do list. Today we are taking a look at E-A-T. Not as in pizza or chips, but as in Google’s measure of it. E-A-T is

Overlooked SEO Boosters
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Overlooked SEO Boosters Part 2: Image & Video Optimisation

Welcome to the second part of our series on the SEO boosters you may be overlooking, and should begin taking advantage of in 2021. If you missed the first part, you can find it here. Search engine-optimised photos and videos are a vital part of SEO that can give you that extra bit of exposure

Overlooked SEO Boosters

Overlooked SEO Boosters Part 1: Interactive Content

Welcome to the first part in a ten-part series that will take a deep dive look at some of the most effective and yet, underused SEO tactics you can leverage to get a jump on boosting your website, your brand and your overall reputation in 2021. To kick things off, we will discuss an SEO

Maximising Ecommerce SEO

20 Pro Tips for Maximising Ecommerce SEO in 2021

Ecommerce revenue from organic traffic – and therefore, eCommerce SEO – is experiencing double-digit growth. The increasingly rising numbers are also just the beginning of the story since it only applies to last-click conversions. There is scarce information though about the total number of people who discovered their favorite products through organic search and later

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Pearl Lemon Guide to SaaS SEO

  It can be scary to develop a SaaS business and it can be even scarier to invest in SEO, particularly with so many self-proclaimed SEO agencies that might not deliver what they sell you (you’ve probably heard the horror stories) How can you be confident that you are doing the right things to organically


Pearl Lemon’s Ultimate Guide to How to Use AHREFS

As it has been around since 2011 lots of folks have heard of AHREFs, but just as many are not sure what it is or what it can do for their SEO – search engine optimization – campaigns. Or they link it’s just a backlink tool and baulk when they see the pricing, assuming that


Pearl Lemon Ultimate Guide to Weebly SEO

Things change in the world of the Internet and websites, and they change often and fast. Take Weebly. Once considered the “website for dummies” web builder, one that was held in low esteem by most ‘serious’ Internet people is now something of a major player. Acquired by the payment processing service Square and integrated into

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