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The SEO Case For HTTPS Implementation – Why You Need to Make the Switch

Hearing that someone wants to talk about ‘techy’ things that might affect their SEO overall is something that most people find deathly boring and avoid as far as possible. Ugh. Technical stuff, can’t that be left to the geeks in IT? HTTPS is one of those issues. Most people know it vaguely has something to do with website security, but that’s

Google Featured Snippets

Google Featured Snippets: What You Need to Know To Get Your Content There

Google Featured Snippets. They are a popular spot to try to get your content featured in terms of the SERPs right now. And for a good reason. Within a SERP result they are very visible and on many pages appear ahead of the actual ‘ordered’ SERPS results themselves.  What are Google featured snippets? In 2019, when you ask any question in Google

New Website SEO

How to Do SEO for a New Website

SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimisation, is an essential aspect of digital marketing. In short, SEO techniques involve optimising a website in terms of its design, functionality and content to improve its chances of earning a top spot in the search engine rankings. This is important because it makes a company’s site more visible,

Local SEO Practices
Local SEO

2021 Local SEO Best Practices for Businesses Without Physical Locations

SEO is important for any business, but for a local business, it is often more important than they realise, often because it’s not something they have paid much attention to in the past. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed all that for many, maybe even most local businesses. From restaurants who may have never thought

Content Management SEO

How Strong Content Management Affects SEO

The way Google monitors and measures websites has altered substantially in recent years, meaning search optimisation methods have changed. The quality of your content is now vital to your page ranking. Some of the outdated techniques that are still in use can actually be counterproductive. This article looks in detail at the link between good

Increase Organic Traffic
Ecommerce SEO

How to Increase Your Organic Traffic in 90 days

Maybe your website views have tailed off in recent months, or you’re just not having success in growing the audience of your online platform. Increasing your organic traffic to your blog, and your website as a whole is easier than you might think if you have a plan in place. With these four strategies, improving

Overlooked SEO

Overlooked SEO Boosters Part 9: Quick SEO Wins That Are Not Black Hat

Welcome to the final part of this nine-part series offering an in-depth look at the overlooked SEO boosters that result in SEO wins others are not using that could seriously boost your 2021 SEO efforts. You’ve probably either heard or said the phrase “SEO takes time” before. You’ve probably heard it a lot. The reason

eCommerce SEO Consultant

When to Hire an eCommerce SEO Consultant

Let’s talk about when to hire an SEO expert. You’ve got a great product on Shopify, Etsy or Magento: you just need to get it noticed, and that’s where the SEO consultant comes in. But what are the key moments in your business journey that require the SEO expert? When you need hits on your

YouTube SEO expert

How a YouTube SEO expert can help you to get more views

You want to get more views on YouTube to be successful on the platform. The more views you have, the greater number of subscribers you will get and the higher your watch time. This can lead to increased numbers of conversions on your website or more revenue from the monetisation schemes YouTube offers. With over one

Search Engine Marketing

3 Red Flag Answers to Watch For When Interviewing a Search Engine Marketing Consultant

The time has come, you’re ready to get serious about SEO for your business’ website. But as you lack a)the specialist knowledge and b)the time you’ve made the decision to outsource the task to a search engine marketing consultant. Great call. Except now you have to find the one that’s right for you and your

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