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Alina Ghost Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Alina Ghost Alina Ghost Alina Ghost is a digital marketer who recently turned to YouTube as she became a mum in lockdown.

Team Coaching Interview

Carissa Bub – Team Coaching Zone Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Carissa Bub – Team Coaching Zone Carissa Bub You said short Carissa Bub is a coach, leadership developer, podcaster and speaker. She

Pearl Lemon Interview

Ion Farmakides – Pearl Lemon Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Ion Farmakides – Pearl Lemon Ion Farmakides A highly experienced business development professional with a proven track record within a multitude of

Brandignity Interview

Maciej Fita – Brandignity Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Maciej Fita – Brandignity Maciej Fita I’ve always had a passion for marketing and branding. In the 6th grade, I tried to

18 PR Trends For 2021

18 PR Trends For 2021

Whether you’re new to the PR industry or a well-established expert, there’s no arguing that 2020 has given a lot of us whiplash. The speed

Cascade Web Dev Interview

Ben McKinley – Cascade Web Dev Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Ben McKinley – Cascade Web Dev Ben McKinley Ben founded cascade web//development in 2001 following three years leading another web design start-up,

Cambridge Capital Interview

Benjamin Gordon – Cambridge Capital Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Benjamin Gordon – Cambridge Capital Benjamin Gordon Benjamin Gordon is founder and Managing Partner of Cambridge Capital. He draws on a career

ScrubzBody Interview

Roberta Perry – ScrubzBody Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Roberta Perry – ScrubzBody Roberta Perry I researched botanical oils and various exfoliants. I mixed up different combinations and test batches until

Native Texter Interview

Nicolas Schwabach – Native Texter Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Nicolas Schwabach – Native Texter Nicolas Schwabach Twenty-five years ago, I needed to win more copywriting work. But how? I had rescued