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leverage SEO for a brand new domain

How to leverage SEO for a brand new domain?

When launching a new domain, there’s a lot to think about. However, one of your chief concerns should be getting this new domain optimized for


David Howell – Nexus Publishing Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: David Howell – Nexus Publishing David Howell Dave Howell is Nexus Publishing – a freelance writer, journalist, broadcaster and content creator helping


Ryan Frederick – AWH Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Ryan Frederick – AWH Ryan Frederick Product & company builder | data & analytics problem solver | non-profit launcher & leader |


Roger Dooley Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Roger Dooley Roger Dooley Roger Dooley is an author and international keynote speaker. His books include Friction: The Untapped Force That Can


Federica Gianoglio – Pearl Lemon Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Federica Gianoglio – Pearl Lemon Federica Gianoglio I am an enthusiast of walks in nature and a speaker of 4 languages. At


Bonnie Bakhtiari – B is for Bonnie Design Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Bonnie Bakhtiari – B is for Bonnie Design Bonnie Bakhtiari Bonnie Bakhtiari is a brand designer, strategist, and educator for creative entrepreneurs.


Helene Berkowitz – ReceetMe Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Helene Berkowitz – ReceetMe Helene Berkowitz Helene Berkowitz is a Retail Tech executive and startup founder with a background in finance and

Clutch Awards
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Pearl Lemon – UK Leaders

Clutch Awards Pearl Lemon as Leading SEO Agency in the UK Public affairs services encompass a vast field — essentially, consultants are also called lobbyists,


Mitch Joel – Six Pixels Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Mitch Joel – Six Pixels Mitch Joel When brands like Google, Starbucks, Shopify and GE want to leverage technology to better connect


Tom Rozee – Rozee Digital Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Tom Rozee – Rozee Digital Tom Rozee We Help eCommerce Brands To Scale Sustainably and Profitably Through Paid Traffic and Boosting Website


Sartaj Singh Ahuja – Narra8ive Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Sartaj Singh Ahuja – Narra8ive Sartaj Singh Ahuja Good hearted. Competitive. Cute! Narra8ive Check out Sartaj’s: Website, LinkedIn A Fireside Chat I


Alina Ghost Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Alina Ghost Alina Ghost Alina Ghost is a digital marketer who recently turned to YouTube as she became a mum in lockdown.

Team Coaching Interview

Carissa Bub – Team Coaching Zone Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Carissa Bub – Team Coaching Zone Carissa Bub You said short Carissa Bub is a coach, leadership developer, podcaster and speaker. She

Pearl Lemon Interview

Ion Farmakides – Pearl Lemon Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Ion Farmakides – Pearl Lemon Ion Farmakides A highly experienced business development professional with a proven track record within a multitude of

Brandignity Interview

Maciej Fita – Brandignity Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Maciej Fita – Brandignity Maciej Fita I’ve always had a passion for marketing and branding. In the 6th grade, I tried to

18 PR Trends For 2021

18 PR Trends For 2021

Whether you’re new to the PR industry or a well-established expert, there’s no arguing that 2020 has given a lot of us whiplash. The speed

Cascade Web Dev Interview

Ben McKinley – Cascade Web Dev Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Ben McKinley – Cascade Web Dev Ben McKinley Ben founded cascade web//development in 2001 following three years leading another web design start-up,

Cambridge Capital Interview

Benjamin Gordon – Cambridge Capital Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Benjamin Gordon – Cambridge Capital Benjamin Gordon Benjamin Gordon is founder and Managing Partner of Cambridge Capital. He draws on a career

ScrubzBody Interview

Roberta Perry – ScrubzBody Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Roberta Perry – ScrubzBody Roberta Perry I researched botanical oils and various exfoliants. I mixed up different combinations and test batches until

Native Texter Interview

Nicolas Schwabach – Native Texter Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Nicolas Schwabach – Native Texter Nicolas Schwabach Twenty-five years ago, I needed to win more copywriting work. But how? I had rescued

Saksham Sharda Interview

Saksham Sharda – Out Grow Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Saksham Sharda – Out Grow Saksham Sharda I specialise in data collection, analysis, filtering, and transfer by the means of widgets and

Sue Fink Interview

Sue Fink – Angel City Chorale Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Sue Fink – Angel City Chorale Sue Fink Sue Fink brought together a small group of 18 singers in 1993 to form

Michael Levitt Interview

Michael Levitt – Breakfast Leadership Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Michael Levitt – Breakfast Leadership Michael Levitt Michael Levitt is the founder & Chief Burnout Officer of The Breakfast Leadership Network, a

Elnaz Sarraf Interview

Elnaz Sarraf- ROYBI Robot Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Elnaz Sarraf – ROYBI Robot Elnaz Sarraf Elnaz Sarraf is the CEO and founder of the award-winning Roybi Robot – the world’s


Jon Francis – Clad Home Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: JON FRANCIS – CLAD HOME JON FRANCIS Jon Francis is an entrepreneur and co-owner of Clad Home, a bespoke custom furniture and design


Sean Buckley – Ultra Tune Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: Sean Buckley – Ultra tune Sean Buckley Sean Buckley is an Australian entrepreneur, thoroughbred racehorse owner and investor. He is executive chairman of


Kent Lewis – Anvil Media Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: KENT LEWIS – ANVIL MEDIA KENT LEWIS As President and Founder of Anvil Media, Inc., Kent Lewis is responsible for managing operations, marketing


Laura Bony – Oncrawl Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: LAURA BONY – ONCRAWL LAURA BONY Laura is the Head of Sales: North America at OnCrawl, an award-winning SEO software. She is


Shane Monks O’Byrne – Aikido Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: SHANE MONKS O’BYRNE – AIKIDO SHANE MONKS O’BYRNE Aikido Finance offers a catalogue of long-term investing strategies to help users easily build


Jitendra Vaswani – Digiexe Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: JITENDRA VASWANI – DIGIEXE JITENDRA VASWANI Jitendra Vaswani is a Digital Marketing Practitioner & international keynote speaker currently living a digital nomad


Craig Smith – Trinity Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: CRAIG SMITH – TRINITY CRAIG SMITH Craig is the Founder & CEO of leading internet optimisation agency Trinity. Trinity is a four-time


PPC vs SEO – Who’s the Winner?

For those in the SEO space, it’s the age-old question: Does paid traffic perform better than organic traffic? It’s not a simple question (you’re likely


Dayana Mayfield Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: DAYANA MAYFIELD Dayana Mayfield Dayana Mayfield is a SaaS copywriter and digital PR consultant who helps tech companies drive traffic that converts

Al Black - Voquent Interview

Al Black – Voquent Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: AL BLACK – VOQUENT AL BLACK Al Black trained as a sound engineer and has worked for over two decades producing audio-visual


Sam Wilson – Virtalent Interview

PEARL LEMON INTERVIEWS: SAM WILSON – VIRTALENT Sam Wilson Founder at Virtalent – Helping ambitious business owners achieve their dreams without working 60+ hours a week