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Audiense Review

Hello, everyone, this is Leslie Pirlo. And today I have the debut on this tool called Oriente. If you’re looking for your own SEO tool, feel free to visit ours at surface comm to see if it isn’t toll free. Let’s go ahead and jump right in.

So, this is audience a and basically is it is a consumer segmentation and cultural understanding. So there are a platform, it is essentially there to reveal the audience and just get insights about how you can grow and strategize your business. So on the right hand side, you can see this little I guess you can say like visual of your audience’s interest or kind of like within the niche or sub niches that they’re interested in. So this is how it’s going to look within the platform. So let’s go ahead and look at the different pricing plans. So here we have three pricing plans, we have a free a Twitter marketing and audience insights. So before we go into the dashboard, I’m going to go over the two main products, so you can get to get a sense of what each of them do. So it’s kind of those two separate main features. So I’ll do that in just a second. But these are the pressing plans. And the middle one is essentially to boost your performance on Twitter. So this is one of our first cons, just because not everyone may use Twitter, my company doesn’t use Twitter. So I won’t be necessarily showcasing that today. If you do use Twitter, and it’s a pretty big platform for your company, then this is very helpful. But for those who don’t necessarily use Twitter, like our company, we don’t necessarily need this specific plan or the feature. And then they have the audience insights, which will kind of go into in just a second. So let’s go ahead and go to the products. So we have audience insights and audience connect the insights is what I was showing you on the first page, where you see the visual, and you can kind of see who is interested in your brand, what is the audience like, you know, the demographic, the interest, top influencers, different things like that. So there’s quite a bit and that’s, that will be my main focus today. Then we have audience, audience a Connect, which is the number one, quote Twitter platform or Twitter marketing platform. So they use Twitter marketing, to power this specific feature. And that is kind of the main con because other people want to use that feature, but they don’t use Twitter, maybe Instagrams bigger for them, or Facebook’s bigger for them. So that is a cone, especially for us as well. Because even as a, I don’t have a personal Twitter myself, so I can’t even show you as an example. Yes, that is a way for you to kind of see. So once I go into the dashboard of audience insights, then I’ll come back to the website to go over the functionalities, just in case you do have Twitter and that interests you. So let’s go ahead and go into the dashboard. So here is the audience insights. So basically, you create a report and you choose a audience type. You define your audience by using audience definitions, such as handles, bio keywords, job roles, different things like that, then you can select the country or put global if you want to. And then you finally launch the report. And they will run up a report for you. They will basically create the report and you get to see them all in one place right here. And the tool does come with demo reports, which I’ll be showing you today. So let’s go through a demo. So here is how one of the reports looks, you kind of see the demographics, by sex age in the country, the language, the top city, the interests are in, etc. And there is and there are three things that describe themselves. You also get to see top brands which are well known brands that kind of relate to your company. And then there’s top influencers that might make an impact to your company, and top content sources. Then you see the segments up to this side right here and let’s go ahead and see all segments.

So here is the segment distribution, we have the bio keywords and distinctive affinities that we had seen earlier, as well as the top characteristics that we seen. If you scroll down on the segment section you can further see different things within each of the Visual segments. So I really like this because because it further breaks down your information by looking at distinctive companies that can influence the size. Looking at. So I guess you could say so keywords, and further looking at characteristics. So this is very helpful. And I feel like I can help out so many people just getting to know an audience that could relate to them. Overall, that’s pretty much it. It’s a mainly a visual inside to kind of break down and see what your audience is like. So now we are back at the website to go over the second main feature, which is audience Connect, and that is the Twitter so smart social marketing feature. And I just wanted to go and list the features or tool that you can do with this. With this audience a Connect feature, so if anyone’s interested, they can kind of get more of a look. So the main features as is that they have a community management and analysis section, you can get accurate information about your community on Twitter, you can do chatbots and broadcasts, you can build your own opt in chat box with just a few clicks, you can do advance monitor and listening by getting a complete global coverage of real time and historical Twitter content. And you get to see twittered Twitter’s tailored audiences for advertising, you can create the highest performing Twitter to an audience in the market. So it’s quite interesting that you can see these, they give you information on when’s the best time to tweet, you can browse your community, you can do the filter, follow and unfollow. You can view community incites compare with your competitors. So I’m very impressed on the amount of features that you can do with this tool. Because definitely, if you do have Twitter, and that’s a main platform for your company, I definitely would recommend this because they have a lot to offer with, which can really help your company. If you don’t use Twitter, like us, then you might be missing out on this tool because it sucks that you can’t necessarily utilize this specific feature. But the good thing is, is that it’s separate from the other feature, which is the audience say, insights. So that’s a good thing to note. Moving on to our pros and cons. Pros is that, especially with Audience Insights is that you can identify your target audience overall, understand them and identify any influential brands or people that can benefit your company. And with the Twitter section, I guess overall, it’s just a big pro if you have Twitter, because I feel like all those features are very beneficial. As per the cons. They’re very reliant on Twitter. And that’s very unfortunate for those who don’t use Twitter, and who don’t get to benefit from all those features or that tool specifically. And another con that I saw across the board is that they wish there were more features. And I’m assuming that they mean with Audience Insights because with the Twitter section, they do have quite a bit so I don’t see them needing more features. But as for the insights section, I can’t quite think of what other features they could need. But I do see what they’re saying because it is a bit on the simplistic side, but I feel like it still offers beneficial information. But overall that’s pretty much it.

Thank you so much for watching today’s video. If you have any pros or cons go free to add them down below, check out the tool in our description. Thank you so much for watching.

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