Please Ask For The Sale Everytime!

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    If it’s one thing that many individuals taught me in my life, it’s to ask for what you want.

    So I say that, to say this:

    When you’re pitching, ask for the sale?

    Don’t worry, there’s a method to my madness.

    The amount of people that don’t get into a pitch and walk away without asking for the sales are UNBELIEVABLE! There’s so much potential lost that it’s almost terrifying. ?

    What Do We Mean ASKING for the Sale? ?

    Asking for the sell could be something as simple as this:

    ?“So, would you like to work with me?”

    ? “Will you think about the idea of us working together?”

    ? “What’s stopping you from us moving forward?”

    LEAD your prospect in the direction of the sale even if you’re not sure there’s going to be worth it; even if you are not 100% positive. (Hell, maybe that’s why they call it, LEAD Generation ?)

    Always, at some point of the actual engagement, ASK FOR THE SALE and then you can figure out a way to make it happen.

    God knows we’ve had some deals where we’re just trying to find a way to work together. So ask for the sale as much as you can even if you’re not sure how it’s gonna work.

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