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The 5 Things To Do Before You Hire a Lead Generation Agency

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    Must Do Things Before You Hire an Agency

    It’s all very well and good hiring a lead generation agency to build the level of inbound traffic you have coming in.
    However, if there are clear on-site issues with your website that need changing then we will always have an uphill struggle working to build traffic that actually converts
    So, when choosing to reach out to a lead generation or SEO agency please pay consideration to these FIVE things that can really impact your website:

    Page Speed

    Each second longer that it takes to load your website is potentially millions of $/£ (if you’re Amazon) lost in potential revenue.
    Why should a visitor of your website’s front door be any different? Imagine going for your weekly supermarket shop and having to wait 5-10 seconds for the front doors to slowly slide open whilst you’re standing in front of it.
    If it’s your first time at this supermarket and there are competitors that fill the same street you are on it’ll most likely be the case that you will simply leave the front of the shop in frustration and walk further down the high-street.
    For a quick look at some of the fixes needed head to Google Page speed to get a look at the major issues that need resolution on your own website
    Fix as much as you can comfortably alone – and for the more technical issues you can contact us or our sister company Purr Digital to help solve those. But make sure they are given some consideration.

    Mobile Ready

    There are actually several elements of this to consider.
    The most obvious part is: ‘Is your company website actually mobile optimized?’ Does it operate and work well on mobile.
    Frankly; ‘pinch-and-zoom’ websites are unacceptable in this day and age.
    However; moving beyond this another important element is the actual user experience – does it completely break down on mobile or is it as seamless on your mobile

    Visual SEO

    This is branding. Colour’s, fonts, colour palette, the logo, strapline and general look of the website.
    There are businesses that we have simply refused to work with because of the poor brand positioning. We have creative partner’s that we can suggest to aid with this – but regardless of how you choose to get this done – it massively impacts SEO.
    If huge amounts of traffic is coming to your website only for potential clients to leave after ‘entering the building’ because of the shabby décor – the benefits of our efforts won’t be realized


    This is huge. Are all parts of your website or mobile app or product functioning as they should?

    •      Buttons directing to the correct pages?
    •      Links all going where they are supposed to?
    •      Contact form working?
    •      Sign Up’s to your email list coming through to your email-marketing provider
    •      Can customer’s make purchases through your website?
    •      Do you have an SSL certificate (yes this has an SEO impact also!)

    Do make sure that all of this is working as it should be (or as closest to when working with any kind of lead generation agency)

    Contact Forms Working

    This is a sub-section of the points above but deserves it’s own separate space because we have discovered as part of our set-up and website audit’s that there have been website that have chosen to engage with us that have NOT had contact form’s working.
    Furthermore they have been unaware at time’s how unstable their contact forms or website has been before we discovered it.
    So please do make sure you consider all of these 5 key points before hiring any kind of SEO or lead generation agency.

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